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MEG-02 BRITISH DRAMA Solved Assignment 2019-2020

MEG - 02
ASSIGNMENT 2019 - 2020
(Based on Blocks (1 - 10)
 Max. Marks: 100
Answer any five questions: All questions carry equal marks
1.Discuss the character of Dr Faustus as a tragic figure.

2.Identify the characteristics of Shakespearean comedy in A Midsummer Night’sDream.
3. Whatdo you think is the dominant quality of Hamlet’s character? Illustrate.
4.Discuss The Alchemist as a satire.

5.Comment on the relevance of The Playboy of the Western World to the presenttime.
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6. Do you think Pygmalion is a romance? Give reasons for your answer.
7. What are the qualities that set Murder in the Cathedral apart from other plays?
8. Examine the existentialist elements in Waiting for Godot.
9. Discuss the main characters of Look Back in Anger and their relationship with each other.

10. Write an essay on British drama in the twentieth century.

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