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Look Back In Anger

About Look Back in Anger

Look Back in Anger is a play written by John Osborne. basically the play is about the material life and it expresses the pre-marital life. There is anger between Jimmy and Alison. Look back in Anger 1956 is a realist play written by John Osborne. Well known play of Modern British Theatre. Focuses on Marital Struggle. Class difference - Upper class and working class
  1. Jimmy : main character, Angry Young Man, frustrated from his life
  2. Alison : Jimmy’s wife, comes from upper class family but married into working class
  3. Cliff Lewis : Jimmy’s friend and lives with him in the same apartment
  4. Helena Charles : Alison’s friend, she comes from upper class, she and Jimmy begins an affair
  5. Colonel Redfern : Alison’s father, He was in British Military and served in India 

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  • Sunday : Jimmy and cliff sitting and reading newspaper on the other hand Alison ironing
  • The small argument and Jimmy leaves
  • Alison tells to Cliff that she is pregnant, cliff suggest to tells Jimmy
  • When Jimmy enters in room they both still angry
  • Cliff tells to Alison that Helena called you , and then Alison leaves room to talk Helena
  • Helena is coming to stay with them for a time
  • Here Jimmy don’t like Helena
  • When Helena comes : Alison share everything with her, her past and present relation with Jimmy
  • Alison tells her that how they met for the first time, they used to parties with friend name Hugh Tanner , when he leaves his mother then Jimmy maintain the affection with his mother
  • Helena suggest to Alison to her father’s home she already called him
  • When jimmy returns, he tells that Mrs. Tanner (Hugh’s mother ), has become sick and going to die
  • Jimmy decided to visit her home with Alison, he demands to Alison whether to go with your father or with me
  • Alison leaves a letter for Jimmy and goes
  • Cliff blames to Helena for everything
  • Jimmy reads Alison’s letter and becomes very angry
  • Helena tells to Jimmy that Alison is pregnant , but he doesn’t care
  • He insults Helena and she slaps him, then they kissed
  • After several month: same scene as play begins
  • Suddenly Alison arrives, she tells everything happened with her, she lost her baby
  • Helena Leaves the home with her sense of morality
  • Alison and Jimmy feels suffering


  • Anger
  • Class difference
  • Kitchen sink drama

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