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The Tyger By William Blake from Songs of Experience

The Tyger

- By William Blake 

    About Poem
It’s written by William Blake, Published in 1794
The tyger consist stanza with four lines
 Poem made of questions about the power
Tyger –  Unique Spelling by poet
14 questions in 24 lines poem
Follows an AABB rhyme


  • Tyger ! Tyger ! burning bright
  • In the forests of the night,
  • What immortal hand or eye
  • Could frame thy fearful symmetry ?
  • In what distant deeps or skies
  • Burnt the fire of thine eyes ?
  • On what wings dare he aspire
  • What the hand dare seize the fire ?
  • And what shoulder, & what art,
  • Could twist the sinews of Thy heart ?
  • And when Thy heart began to beat
  • What dread hand, what dread feet?
  • What the hammer? What the chain?
  • In what furnace was thy brain?
  • What the anvil? what dread grasp
  • Dare its deadly terrors clasp?
  • When the stars threw down their spears,
  • And water'd heaven with their tears,
  •  Did he smile his work to see?
  • Did he who made the Lamb make thee?
  • Tyger! Tyger! burnig bright
  • In the forests of the night,
  • What immortal hand or eye,
  • Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?

•Tiger’s fiery eyes have come
Dared to handle the fire ?
Sort of physical appearance
Burning bright in the forest night, tyger’s presence is power of the creature
Creator is God , so dangerous mechanical rather than natural
Poet thinking about all tiger’s brutality , anger and violence
Heaven or hell ?
Tiger brain clever ,
Ferocious tiger – adorable lamb
It shows the Fire of imagination, spirituality and ideals , powerful creation of God
Chain of society : The king, the priest, the landlord and they occupied individuals’ will
Experience : corruption, immorality, and sufferings, the individual passing through those reality

The Tyger
Experience : Taken from Blake's Songs of Experience 
Tiger as a fear of its power and strength
Deadly terror :  For the human's activity Blake tries to connect the nature with the mechanism 
Fearful symmetry

Concentrate on Nature’s failure
The Lamb
Happiness, Joy and pleasure
Beauty of creators
Focus on Nature’s pleasure

Animal Imagery

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