Thursday, May 24, 2018

Philip Larkin

Philip Larkin -  as a Movement Poet

  1. He was the great writer of England of the time of Second World War,
  2. He was nationalist and nation’s favorite poet of that time.
  3. From the birth and till the death he handled  faced the great changed in the world.

The poet as an ordinary man

Being a great and famous poet he always talking as an ordinary man, He wrote about the ordinary people’s life and He feels their situation. but as he is a poet he has a great idea to visualize the ordinary and makes precious he don’t follow shot of tradition  and values,  the free poetry(boundless) can be seen in his poems.

His life

  • He was born on 2 august 1922 and died on 2 Dec 1985.
  • His first poetry book : The “north ship” published in 1945, (end of second world war) the two novels: - Jill  (1946), A girl in winter (1947) was published after the gape of a year.
  • His notable work :- The Whitsun Wedding (1964)High Windows (1974)
  • At first he become a librarian and during work of 30 years He traveled in the so many libraries.
  • 1946- Larkin quality for membership of library association at university college, Leicester.
  • Not like surprised the also criticized by so many great writers.
  • He belongs to the movement poets.
Movement poets
Basically the term of Movement Literature was started in 1954 by J.D Scott, a literary editor of The spectator where he described a group of writers . Philip Larkin john wain Elizabeth Jennings Thom Gunn and Robert conquest. Here the Poets of the country was that included.

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