VMOU MAEG-05 Solved Assignment 2023-24

 VMOU MAEG-05 Solved Assignment 2023-24

Section A

(Very Short Answer Type Questions)

Attempt all questions in not more than 50 words each.

All question carry equal marks. (01 mark each)


i) What is practical criticism?

ii) How does Dr. Johnson defend Shakespeare’s tragi-comedy?

iii) Who wrote Vakroti?

iv) What are Wordsworth views on poetic diction?


Section B

Attempt any two questions in not more than 150 words each.

All questions carry equal marks. (4 mark each)

1. Write a note on the defects Johnson pointed out about Shakespeare?

2. Describe major themes of ‘An Essay on Man’.

3. Write a note on the nature ‘Rasa’.

4. What is the concept of Purgation or Catharsis in ‘Poetics’?

5. What is the central thesis of Simone de Beauvoir about woman?


Section C

Attempt any one question in 500 words.

6. Write in detail the subject matter, division and limitations of Bharata’s ‘Natyashastra’

7. Make an attempt on the classification of ‘Vakrokti’.

8. Describe Aristotle’s concept of tragedy in ‘Poetics’.

9. Discuss Eliot’s theory of ‘Tradition and Individual talent’


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