IGNOU TS 3 Solved Assignment 2024-25


TS 3 Solved Assignment 2024-25

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Course Code: TS 3

Assignment Code: TS 3 ASST/TMA/2024-25

Marks: 100

NOTE: All questions are compulsory

Note: Attempt all the questions and submit this assignment to the Coordinator of your study centre. Last date of submission for July 2023 session is 31st October, 2023 and for January 2024 session is 30th April 2024.

Q1. Why should a tourism organization adopt a policy of Public Relations? Explain with the help of examples.

Building Positive Image: PR helps in shaping and maintaining a positive image of the tourism organization among its stakeholders, including tourists, local communities, government bodies, and the media. By effectively managing PR, tourism organizations can highlight their contributions to local economies, cultural preservation, and sustainable practices, thus enhancing their reputation.

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Crisis Management: In the event of a crisis such as natural disasters, accidents, or negative publicity, a well-established PR strategy can mitigate the damage to the organization's reputation. Effective communication with the public and stakeholders during such times can help regain trust and minimize long-term impacts.

Promotion and Marketing: PR plays a crucial role in promoting tourist destinations and attractions. Through media relations, press releases, and influencer partnerships, tourism organizations can generate positive publicity and increase awareness of their offerings, leading to higher tourist footfall and revenue.

Community Engagement: Tourism organizations often operate within local communities, and maintaining positive relationships with residents is essential for sustainable development. PR initiatives that involve community outreach, dialogue, and participation can foster goodwill and address any concerns or conflicts arising from tourism activities.

Policy Advocacy: Tourism organizations can use PR as a tool for advocating policies that support the industry's growth and sustainability. By engaging with policymakers, lobbying for favorable regulations, and raising awareness about the economic and social benefits of tourism, PR can influence decision-making at local, regional, and national levels.


Destination Branding: The New Zealand tourism board's "100% Pure New Zealand" campaign is a classic example of effective destination branding through PR. By showcasing the country's pristine landscapes, adventurous activities, and unique culture, the campaign attracted international tourists and contributed significantly to New Zealand's tourism industry.

Crisis Management: Following the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, the country's tourism industry faced a severe downturn due to safety concerns among travelers. However, through proactive PR efforts emphasizing safety measures, transparency, and recovery initiatives, Japan managed to rebuild its tourism industry and regain tourists' trust over time.

Community Engagement: The Machu Picchu Historical Sanctuary in Peru implemented a PR campaign focused on sustainable tourism practices and community involvement. By consulting with local residents, respecting indigenous traditions, and promoting responsible visitor behavior, the sanctuary enhanced its relationship with the surrounding communities while preserving the site's cultural and environmental integrity.

Policy Advocacy: In the Maldives, the tourism industry has been proactive in advocating for environmental conservation and climate change action through PR campaigns. By highlighting the vulnerability of the island nation to rising sea levels and promoting eco-friendly tourism practices, the Maldives has gained international support for its sustainability efforts while attracting environmentally-conscious travelers.

In conclusion, adopting a policy of Public Relations is crucial for tourism organizations to manage their reputation, engage stakeholders, promote destinations, and advocate for industry-friendly policies. Effective PR strategies can contribute to the long-term success and sustainability of the tourism sector while benefiting local communities and preserving cultural and natural heritage.

Q2. What aspects should be considered by a supplier while planning a convention?

Q3. Explain the factors which are important for effective function of a group?

Q4. Write short notes on the following:

(a) Delegation of Authority

(b) Management Information System

Q5. Distinguish between the following: -

(a) Fixed Assets and Current Assets

(b) Ordinary Shares and Preference Shares

Q6. Write a detailed note on the role of Information Technology in tourism.

Q7. Write short notes on the following: -

(a) Marketing Mix

(b) Marketing Research

Q8. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a partnership business.

Q9. Discuss some important challenges faced by Airlines Management in the current economic scenario, quoting suitable examples from the Airlines Industry.

Q10. Food Service Industry is one of the largest industries in the world. What are the special features of food services in India? Illustrate with examples.

TS 3 Handwritten Assignment 2024-25

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Important Note - You may be aware that you need to submit your assignments before you can appear for the Term End Exams. Please remember to keep a copy of your completed assignment, just in case the one you submitted is lost in transit.

Submission Date :

31st March 2023 (if enrolled in the July 2024-25 Session)

30th Sept, 2023 (if enrolled in the January 2024-25 session).

IGNOU Instructions for the TS 3 Assignments

TS 3 MANAGEMENT IN TOURISM Assignment 2024-25 Before ate mpting the assignment, please read the following instructions carefully.

1. Read the detailed instructions about the assignment given in the Handbook and Programme Guide.

3. Write the course title, assignment number and the name of the study centre you are attached to in the centre of the first page of your response sheet(s).

4. Use only foolscap size paper for your response and tag all the pages carefully

5. Write the relevant question number with each answer.

6. You should write in your own handwriting.

GUIDELINES FOR IGNOU Assignment TS 3023-24

TS 3 Solved Assignment 2024-25 You will find it useful to keep the following points in mind:

1. Planning: Read the questions carefully. Go through the units on which they are based. Make some points regarding each question and then rearrange these in a STATISTICS IN PSYCHOLOGYal order. And please write the answers in your own words. Do not reproduce passages from the units.

2. Organisation: Be a little more selective and analytic before drawing up a rough outline of your answer. In an essay-type question, give adequate attention to your introduction and conclusion. The introduction must offer your brief interpretation of the question and how you propose to develop it. The conclusion must summarise your response to the question. In the course of your answer, you may like to make references to other texts or critics as this will add some depth to your analysis.

3. Presentation: Once you are satisfied with your answers, you can write down the final version for submission, writing each answer neatly and underlining the points you wish to emphasize.

IGNOU Assignment Front Page

The top of the first page of your response sheet should look like this: Get IGNOU Assignment Front page through. And Attach on front page of your assignment. Students need to compulsory attach the front page in at the beginning of their handwritten assignment.

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TS 3 Handwritten Assignment 2024-25

TS 3 Solved Assignment 2024-25: We provide handwritten PDF and Hardcopy to our IGNOU and other university students. There are several types of handwritten assignment we provide all Over India. We are genuinely work in this field for so many time. You can get your assignment done - 8130208920

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