Get Amity University MBA Solved Assignment 2023-24

Get Amity University MBA Solved Assignment 2023-24

Get Amity University MBA Solved Assignment 2023-24, amity assignment front page, Amity online MBA Assignments - The Master of Business Administration (MBA) has become increasingly popular in contemporary times. This two-year program presents opportunities in both the public and private sectors. An interesting feature is its accessibility to individuals from diverse educational backgrounds. The program offers flexibility, allowing students to choose between part-time and full-time courses, and it incorporates a well-rounded blend of practical and theoretical knowledge.

A distinctive element of the MBA is the opportunity for students to personalize their studies based on their skills and interests, achieved through a variety of specializations. These specializations encompass Marketing Management, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, International Trade Management, Banking and Finance Management, Supply Chain Management, Operation Management, Retail Management, Information Technology, and System Management. This array of options empowers students to focus on areas that resonate with their career aspirations and interests, fostering a customized and enriching educational experience.

Amity University MBA Solved Assignment 2023-24


Amity MBA Solved Assignment

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Some Major Topics for Amity MBA Assignment

  1. Investment Analysis
  2. Working Capital Management
  3. Financial Planning of Salaried Employee
  4. Strategies of Tax Savings
  5. Cost and Costing Models
  6. Investment Awareness In Financial Assets
  7. Preferences of Financial Intermediaries In Equities Trading
  8. Perception of Investors Investing In Life Insurance
  9. Comparative Analysis of Performance of Sectorial, multi-sectorial, and equity diversified mutual funds
  10. Assess the perception of mutual fund investors
  11. Study of traditional products with new UIL products
  12. Indian Infrastructure Sector Growth in terms of equity
  13. Cash Management
  14. Comparative Analysis of Performance of mutual fund between private and public sector
  15. Investment Pattern and preference of retail investors
  16. Risk perception and portfolio management of equity investors
  17. Investors' awareness towards commodity market
  18. Ratio Analysis 
  19. Inventory Management and Budgetary Control System
  20. Investment in Tax Saving Product
  21. Income Tax Planning in India
  22. Senior Citizen Investment Portfolio
  23. Retail Banking Transformation in the post liberalized India
  24. Investment Vs Savings (Risks and Opportunities)
  25. Indian Banking System
  26. Investment Decision Method
  27. RTGS Merits and Demerits
  28. Equity Valuation of Public Sector
  29. Evaluation of Capital
  30. Comparative Study of Demat Account and Online Trading
  31. Audit of Bank
  32. Brand Evaluation for Financial Investment and Customer Satisfaction Measurement
  33. Commodity Futures
  34. Cash Flow
  35. Capital Market Reforms
  36. Corporate Governance
  37. Credit Analysis of Personal Loan
  38. Financial Planning and Forecasting
  39. Global Economic Crises
  40. Foreign Direct Investment
  41. External Debt Management
  42. Future Prospect of Broking Firm
  43. Organizational Change
  44. Business Strategy
  45. Organizational Behaviour
  46. Managerial Communication
  47. Human Resource Strategy
  48. Managing Employee Relation
  49. Corporate Social Responsibilities and Business Ethics
  50. HRM and Managing Global Workforces
  51. Leadership Principles and Practices
  52. Discussing and Evaluating the process of Management Team
  53. The Management Fundamentals
  54. Understanding the Management Derivatives
  55. Discussing and Evaluating the Business Management
  56. Ideas of Work Execution 
  57. Policies of Team Management
  58. Inventory Management Study
  59. Operations Management Ethical Issues
  60. Warehousing Study
  61. Logistic Management Study
  62. Total Quality Management Study
  63. Supply Chain Management Study
  64. Production Planning
  65. Performance Measurement in Ware House
  66. Material Handling and Inventory Management
  67. Study of Inventory control, procurement, distribution
  68. Revenue and Utilization study
  69. Operation Management in Retail Industry
  70. Operation Management Global Trends
  71. Material Management
  72. Study of Management Production and Operation Management
  73. Merchandising of Brand Line
  74. Store Management Study
  75. Production Planning and Control Activities
  76. Effect of Inventory on Supply Chain Management
  77. Store Management System
  78. Implementation of 5S practices

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