Two Stories about Flying Chapter Summary for class 10th

Two Stories about Flying Chapter Summary for class 10th

Two Stories about Flying present in two parts. Liam OH Hearty wrote part-1, His First Flight and Frederick Forsryth wrote part-2, Black Aeroplane. The readers learn about the younger seagull bird in the first section. The bird is terrified about taking its first flight. It believes that while it is flying, its wing will not sustain it.

Two Stories about Flying Chapter Summary

The author narrates the tale of the bird's fear-overcoming in a lovely way. The author tells the tale of a student who is taking a flight to return to England in the second section. The narrative details his near-death experience and the events leading up to it, including the assistance of an enigmatic aeroplane.

Two Stories about Flying Summary

The story of His First Flight is based on a juvenile seagull's fear of flying due to mistrust in its wings. Despite having smaller wings, all of his younger siblings are able to soar without fear. The baby bird, on the other hand, lacks the bravery to trust its wings. When he approaches the edge of the ledge and tries to fly, he always gets scared. His parents approach him, yelling at him and threatening to starve him if he doesn't take off. Even with all the scolding and yelling at him, he was immobile. He spends the entire day watching his parents fly while instructing his siblings on how to ski the waves.

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Two Stories about Flying Chapter Summary-One day the whole family flies to a big plateau and on the opposite cliff, the seagull is sitting hungry. He begs his mother to bring him some food. His mother picks a piece of fish and flies across to him. Maddened by hunger, he jumped at the fish with a loud shout. He falls outward and downward into space and he can feel his wings cutting through the air. The next moment he is flying fearlessly and his siblings soaring and diving with him.

The pilot who tells the narrative Black Aeroplane elaborates on his poor decision-making and the issues it causes. During his flight from Paris to London in the lesson, the pilot dreams of his family vacation. As he flies over a metropolis, he muses over the delicious meal that awaits him on landing. After leaving Paris, he sees the black clouds that foreshadow the impending storm. He should have returned to Paris for safety's sake, but he made a different decision. He takes the jet into the storm, endangering the lives of the occupants in order to fulfill his desire of a vacation.

Two Stories about Flying Chapter Summary-All the instruments go dead and everything grows dark. The likelihood of their survival is now slim since he lost control of the aircraft. As there is almost little gasoline remaining, the pilot begins to lose control of the aircraft. Abruptly, he notices another jet passing by him in the storm. The pilot follows the unusual aircraft by turning his aircraft towards the north. As the fuel runs low, the pilot begins to scare everyone once more. After guiding them out of the storm, the unidentified pilot vanishes. The pilot asks about the other plane after landing and is shocked to learn that his is the only aircraft in the sky.

Characters in Two Stories about Flying

1. Story: His First Flight

  • Family of Seagulls 6 members in the family of seagulls
  • Young Seagull One who is unable to fly due to fear.

2. Story: The Black Aeroplane

  • The Narrator A pilot who was flying his Dakota aeroplane over France back to England lost his way due to storm.
  • The Unknown Friend A pilot who was flying the black aeroplane helped the narrator to find the way in the storm.
  • The Woman The working woman in the control centre whom the narrator asked about the unknown friend of the black aeroplane.


Where did the seagull’s flight end?

The seagull was ecstatic to have mastered the art of flight. He continued to fly for a while. All around him flew his parents, brothers, and sister. Then they touched down on the ocean's surface. The seagull descended as well. His legs went under the water as he attempted to land. He cried out of dread once more. Then his stomach made contact with the water. He escaped drowning. He began to float on the sea's surface. And so his maiden flight was over.

What were the ways the seagull had thought of to join his family?

He thought of joining his family by jumping and by walking up to them.

Why was the seagull afraid to fly?

He was afraid to fly because he felt that his wings could not support him.

How did the hungry seagull try to pretend to attract his mother’s attraction?

The family had all taken off on planes. On the ledge by itself was only the juvenile seagull. It was evening of the previous night, and he had not eaten. He moved cautiously to the edge of the precipice. On one leg, he stood. Acting as though he was going to sleep, he closed his eyes. However, none of his strategies worked. He was noticed only by his mother. Everyone else disregarded him.

How did the young seagull’s parents teach him the art of flying

The seagull’s parents encouraged him to fly. But he was too afraid to fly. Then they kept him hungry for twenty-four hours. Even then the seagull did not fly. Then they thought that experience would teach him. So they made him fall from the ledge. Now when he fell, he felt his wings spread and started flying.

Why didn’t the young seagull take the plunge? What stopped him from doing so?

The young seagull was the only one in the family who couldn’t fly in the air. His brothers and sister had far shorter wings than his wings but they had already learned the art of flying. He felt certain that his wings would never support him. So he was hesitant and afraid of flapping his wings and go deep in the air.


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