IGNOU BECE 141 Solved Assignment English Medium 2023-24

Free BECE 141 Solved Assignment English Medium 2023-24 for July 2023 and January 2024 Session, All IGNOU Assignments (Programme Wise) · Master's Degree Programmes · Bachelor's Degree Programmmes · P.G. Diplomaa Programmes · Diploma Programmes · Certificate Programmes. IGNOU Assignment 2023-24 (UPDATED) Get Here. IGNOU Assignment Status 2023-24, Marks, Grade Card, Practical Submission

B.E.C.E – 141


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NOTE: All questions are compulsory.

A. Long Answer Questions (word limit - 500 words)

Q1) Discuss the concept of ‘equally distributed equivalent achievement’ (EDEA) in the context of ‘gender adjusted health equality (GAHE)’.

Q2) Interpret the essence of Solow Residual.

B. Medium Answer Questions (word limit - 250 words)

Q3) Specify the conditions for the utility maximisation of healthcare services.

Q4) Discuss the factors that result in ‘market failure’ in health insurance.

Q5) Explain the concepts of educational ‘grants’ and ‘loans’ with their impact on the issues of educational subsidy and compensation.

C. Short Answer Questions (word limit - 100 words)

Q6) Differentiate between:

(a) Physical Capital and Human Capital.

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(b) Health Care and Healthcare.

(c) Cost of Illness Approach (CIA) and Willingness to Pay Approach (WTPA).

Q7) Write short notes on the following.

(a) Concentration Index.

(b) Positive Externality of Consumption.

(c) Health Equity.

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