Adipurush Movie Review , Cartoon Apes, Missing Feelings and Less VFX

Adipurush Movie Review , Cartoon Apes, Missing Feelings and Less VFX Adipurush, directed by Om Raut, is an epic mythological drama that brings to life the Hindu epic, Ramayana. Starring Prabhas in the lead role as Lord Rama and Saif Ali Khan as the antagonist, Lankesh (Ravana), the film has garnered significant attention and anticipation.

Adipurush Movie Review , Cartoon Apes, Missing Feelings and Less VFX

The visual spectacle of Adipurush is truly remarkable😁😁😁😁😁. The film boasts stunning cinematography, mesmerizing set designs, and breathtaking visual effects that transport the audience to the ancient world of the Ramayana. The grandeur and scale of the movie are truly awe-inspiring, with larger-than-life battle sequences and beautifully crafted mythical realms. I mean anyone dumb ? who can say this for the movie like Adipurush

Adipurush Movie Review , Cartoon Apes, Missing Feelings and Less VFX

LORD RAM Character in Original Ramayan

Lord Ram, also known as Rama, is a significant and revered figure in Hindu mythology. He is considered to be the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the universe. Lord Ram is widely regarded as an epitome of righteousness, virtue, and moral values.

According to the Hindu epic Ramayana, Lord Ram was born in the kingdom of Ayodhya to King Dasharatha and Queen Kaushalya. He is depicted as the ideal prince and later becomes the rightful heir to the throne. Lord Ram is known for his unwavering devotion to duty, his adherence to dharma (righteousness), and his commitment to upholding truth and justice.

Lord Ram's story revolves around his exile from the kingdom, along with his wife Sita and his loyal brother Lakshmana. During their exile, Sita is abducted by the demon king Ravana, leading to Lord Ram's epic quest to rescue her. With the help of various allies, including the monkey deity Hanuman, Lord Ram embarks on a journey to Lanka (Ravana's kingdom) and ultimately engages in a fierce battle to vanquish evil and restore righteousness.

Lord Ram is often portrayed as the embodiment of virtue and the ultimate role model for individuals seeking moral guidance. His character showcases qualities such as compassion, integrity, selflessness, and devotion to family and duty. Lord Ram's story emphasizes the triumph of good over evil and serves as a moral compass for millions of people.

Devotees of Lord Ram hold him in high esteem and celebrate his life and teachings through various religious festivals, such as Ram Navami. His principles and teachings continue to inspire people across generations and serve as a source of guidance and inspiration for leading a righteous and meaningful life.


IN Adipurush Movie

Prabhas delivers a commendable performance as Lord Rama, only in dress , there is high character of Lord Ram in the minds of indian . Saif Ali Khan, on the other hand, brings a charismatic and enigmatic presence to the character of Lankesh (Ravana), adding depth and complexity to the antagonist. Yes as the Ravan Character he played little good but not as compare with Ravan exactly was.

The storytelling in Adipurush is worst as the audience invested throughout the film. Means if you compare original Ramayan its different. First half of the movie is okay but second half is rounding in the war , and there is nothing new which we have seen in the war . Means if director is presenting Movie Like Adipurush so atleast director should know about the story. But here Director has watched movie like Herry Potter, Game of Throne.

Adipurush can be described as a blend of Planet of the Apes, King Kong, and various Hollywood superhero movies that have influenced the director and his contemporaries. Lord Rama is presented as a comic book hero equipped with a bow and a quiver that never depletes its arrows. Sita (Kriti Sanon) is depicted as a helpless damsel in distress, Ravana as a hybrid of Thanos and Voldemort, and Bajrang/Hanuman (Devdatta Nage) as a powerful acrobat who only discovers his extraordinary abilities when reminded that he can leap across seas.

Watching Adipurush evokes a similar experience to that of viewing a Marvel or DC movie. To draw a parallel from the film itself and the epic it adapts, it's akin to chasing the Swarna Mrig (golden deer) alongside the exiled Raghav. However, the creature turns out to be a mere illusion, far from what it initially appears to be.

By disregarding the essence of the Ramayana and succumbing to superficiality, Adipurush misses the opportunity to truly resonate with its audience. The film lacks the depth and authenticity required to capture the timeless spirit of the epic. Perhaps a more conscientious approach, one that balances reverence with innovation, would have resulted in a cinematic masterpiece that honors the grandeur of Lord Rama's saga.

A movie like Adipurush relies heavily on its computer-generated imagery (CGI) to create a captivating visual experience. The filmmakers have spared no expense in filling the film with an abundance of extravagant visual effects. However, this artistic choice turns out to be a significant drawback, considering the lackluster quality of the CGI. The visuals appear as if they were extracted from the excessively colorful drawings of an overactive child.

Consequently, nothing on the screen feels authentic or believable. This revered tale of gods and humans deserved far greater attention to detail and meticulous execution. The human characters lack the natural movements of real people, while the animated primates exhibit more human-like behavior.

Throughout the film, characters seem to defy gravity, hovering in the air when they are not actually flying. Adipurush itself neither soars nor progresses in a manner that is visually engaging or narratively purposeful. Instead, it stumbles and crawls in ways that fail to captivate the audience.

Adipurush presents a peculiar amalgamation of fantasy and fallacy, resulting in an excessive display of technical wizardry reminiscent of Hollywood's overused techniques. However, the CGI employed in the film is ill-suited for retelling an Indian epic on the cinematic canvas. If the visual design and spatial dimensions were to be so derivative, the filmmakers should have opted for a story that deviated from the Indian ethos of the Ramayana.

The film's treatment of female characters speaks volumes about its perspective. Adipurush places women on the periphery of the saga, depriving them of meaningful agency when faced with critical situations. Whether it is Rani Mandodari, the neglected wife of Ravana, or Surpanakha, Ravana's sister seeking vengeance after Lakshmana disfigures her, they are reduced to mere sources of complaints and grievances.

In conclusion, Adipurush's reliance on extravagant CGI fails to deliver a truly immersive visual experience. The film's choice of visual effects falls short of the caliber expected for retelling an Indian epic, and its treatment of female characters lacks depth and empowerment. A more balanced approach, both in terms of visuals and gender dynamics, could have elevated Adipurush to greater heights while staying true to the essence of the Ramayana.

Truly says , Prabhas performance in Adipurush is worst than any previous movie , you can compare TV Serials better casting.

If there is anything worse than what Adipurush passes off as dialogues, it is the film's sound design. Not only is it ear-splittingly loud, it is shockingly unimaginative. But why complain when virtually everything else in Adipurush is as just as phenomenally slapdash?


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