NMIMS Information System for Managers Assignment for JUNE 2023

NMIMS Information System for Managers Assignment for JUNE 2023

Q.1) COMPT_PREP is an Educational Institute which helps the aspirants to prepare for Engineering and Medical Exams. They have around 20 branches across the country. The aspirant’s base is exploding on a Year-on-Year basis. Suggest a Cloud Solution strategy to help manage the entire operations of COMPT_PREP. Also, detail out the features & benefits of this Cloud Solution Strategy.

Q.2) You are the owner of a start-up Manufacturing company in Pune and have a total of around 100 employees. To streamline the operations of various departments of your organization, which particular System you will use to automate the various inter-processes of your organization. State the benefits of its implementation and the challenges faced while implementing it. (10 marks)

Q.3) You are a Personal Blogger and you are much keen on penning down your thoughts in the form of blogs. The Blogging Platform used by you can be any depending on your choice.

A) What could be the possible vulnerabilities and threats related to Blogging Platforms? Explain any 5 vulnerabilities/threats in detail. (5 marks)

B) Suggest and describe at least any 2 protective measures to overcome these vulnerabilities/ threats related to Blogging Platforms.

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