IGNOU MFN 002 Solved Assignment English Medium 2022-23

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M.F.N – 002

Nutritional Biochemistry IGNOU MFN 002 Solved Assignment 2022-23

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Assignment I

1. a) Define isomers. Explain stereo isomerism and optical isomerism of monosaccharides in detail.

b) List any two chemical properties of the following:

i) Fatty acids

ii) Proteins

2. a) Define protein and its monomeric unit. Give classification of amino acid with the structural formula.

b) Briefly describe physio chemical properties of fat-soluble vitamin.

3. a) Define enzyme and coenzyme. Explain models for mechanism of enzyme action in detail with diagram.

b) What are essential fatty acids? Name any two essential fatty acids and their food sources.

4. a) Explain urea cycle.

b) Explain ß-oxidation of fatty acid with diagram.

5. a) What is the role of pancreas in digestion of food? Explain.

b) How does the HMP pathway differ from glycolysis? Discuss the metabolic significance of HMP pathway in detail.

6. a) Work out the energy (ATP) production when glucose is oxidized in the Glycolysis and citric acid cycle pathways. (Illustrate the cycle and work out the ATP production)

b) What are free radicals and antioxidants? Give examples of each.

7. a) Explain the following:

(i) Role of Vitamin A in the visual cycle.

(ii) Role of Vitamin D in the intestinal absorption of calcium in our body.

b) What is inborn error of metabolism? Enlist the disease related to carbohydrate metabolism and explain any one.

8. a) Describe the biochemical role of the hormones produced by the following glands in our body:

(i) Adrenal Medulla

(ii) Anterior Pituitary

b) Differentiate between the following disease conditions:

i) Maple Syrup Urine Disease and Alcaptonuria

ii) Thalassemia and Sickle cell anaemia

Assignment II

1. Explain the following in 2-3 sentences. Also give the structure wherever possible.

a. Amylopectin

b. Galactosemia

c. Dehydrogenation

d. Porphyrins

e. Apolipoproteins

f. Thromboxanes

g. Anaplerotic reaction

h. Isozymes

i. Mutarotation

j. Zwitterio

2. Name the defective enzyme in the following diseases:

a) Phenylketonuria

b) Tyrosinemia Type I

c) Niemann-Pick disease

d) Hereditary Lactose intolerance

e) Pentosuria

3. Match the following:

I Porphyrin                  A 3-hydroxybutyrate

II Ketone bodies         B Heme

III Lipoprotein             C Glutathione peroxidase

IV Lactate                    D HDL

V Selenium                 E Cori Cycle

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