What was Draupadi’s gravest mistake

What was Draupadi’s gravest mistake? Give a reasoned answer

Quite possibly of the most burning second in our folklore must be the vastraharana, the stripping down of Draupadi in the Kaurava court. Indeed, even before Duhshasana begins to detach her garments, she has been mistreated, hauled into court in a blood-stained piece of clothing, pulled by her hair and offended by Duryodhana and Karna. This while the elderly folks of her family watch in stunned quietness. Her undermined spouses mumble and thunder out of resentment, however not a single one of them can make the slightest effort to help her, bound as they are by dharma, the dharma of their new status as slaves. We realize that Draupadi petitions Krishna and can rescue the last parts of her poise. Her piece of clothing becomes perpetual — yards and yards of texture show up phenomenally and rout Duhshasana's vulgar expectations. Draupadi never stands completely exposed in that open, generally male space.

Maybe what we can be sure of is that the stanza about Draupadi appealing to Krishna and his help from above for her sake, shows up external the primary text of the basic version of the Sanskrit Mahabharata, created north of fifty years and after more than 1,000 compositions were counseled and grouped. At the point when a section or a bunch of stanzas shows up external the principal text, it implies that it/they didn't show up in each and every composition that was utilized to make the basic version. Thus we understand that the Krishna stanzas in this episode show up in numerous yet not every one of the surviving compositions of the text.

.List some similarities that Karve points out between Sita and Draupadi.

What was Draupadi’s gravest mistake? Give a reasoned answer.

Both the episodes where ladies' garments are detracted from them (Draupadi in the Kaurava gathering and the gopis by the waterway), are named vastraharana. For each situation, we expect that full, savage unique thing alludes to the ladies' snapshot of disgrace when they may be exposed out in the open. It was on that jam-packed Sunday morning at the Victoria Commemoration that I recollected that the root hr in Sanskrit (which gives us harana) has a large group of implications, some disconnected, as they range from 'ransack' to 'eliminate' to 'bring' and 'offer.' And interestingly, I believed that naming Draupadi's embarrassment vastraharana probably won't have been about her. It very well may be about the male god who offered her a piece of clothing endlessly.

The conflict of Kurukshestra, the conflict of the powerful Kauravas and invulnerable Pandavas making the incredible called Mahabharata happened due to a lady called Draupadi.

Spouse to the Panadavas, girl of Draupad, twin to Dhristadyumna, Draupadi was the main woman of Mahabharata. Furthermore, as the "maxim" goes, "the incredible conflict of Kurukshetra was battled about a lady".

In the wake of enduring embarrassment in the possession of his scorned cherished, lifelong companion Drona, Draupad, a Maharathi and a lord had done a yagna for birthing a child who might be bound to kill Dronacharya, hence satisfying his retribution. In that equivalent yagna, he got a little girl who was named Krishnaa for her dim coloring.

List some similarities that Karve points out between Sita and Draupadi

The section of Draupadi in the Kurus tribe happened with the Swayamvara, the lady of the hour's self-decision wedding function. The rulers of nations all over had come to win the hand of Panchali (little girl of the lord of Panchal). The challenge was straightforward raised a ruckus around town of the rotating fish above by checking its appearance out. Yet, the challenge demonstrated a lot generally speaking, some lacked the ability to string the bow.

Duryodhana with his siblings and his dearest companion Karna were likewise in participation. The Pandavas were likewise present, yet in the pretense of Brahmins having as of late gotten away from the Jatugriha, the place of lac.


Karna was an unrivaled hero, the challenge was easy breezy for him. It would have been nothing for him, and the lady of the hour would have been his, notwithstanding the lady of the hour herself. As Karna had been going to focus, Panchali had gotten down on saying, "I won't wed a soota putra (the child of a charioteer)!"

For us who know the account of Karna's genuine ancestry, of Karna's courage and adherence to Dharma have no second thoughts in denouncing Draupadi for her assertion. In any case, to the girl of a lord, a princess, to one who has known about the wild stories, the murmurs, was Draupadi off-base? Was the lady in her wrong? Wasn't it to be her decision, her marriage? Karna was haughty, he was glad, perhaps it wasn't something that spoke to the lady in her. Nobody her inquired as to why, after all she is just a lady in the epic.

Arjuna, the third Pandava, had won the hand of the princess, and she had not shouted out in fight despite the fact that he had done as such as an unfortunate Brahmin. She didn't dismiss, being the princess she was, in any event, when the five siblings had took her by walking to their unassuming cabin, oblivious to the genuine character of her significant other.

List some similarities that Karve points out between Sita and Draupadi

Then came the best commotion in Draupadi's life, when Kunti, the mother of the Pandavas had requested that her children divide among themselves anything that they had got, uninformed that the thing they had got was a lady.

Draupadi wedded the five siblings, the children of Kunti who couldn't resist their mom's words regardless of whether it applied to a lady. Did Draupadi fight. did the autonomous, fearless and blunt lady talk on her own command? Did she return back home? She could have been rejected away however the Draupadi of Mahabharata we know, she was definitely more grounded than that. Be that as it may, it actually didn't make any difference, she was a lady in an extraordinary legendary, made to do anything that she was told to.

Did Draupadi not appreciate being the sovereign of Yudhistira, the lord of Indraprastha? Indeed, she did. She was pleased with it. In any case, is it something to less to ask when she previously was shared by the five siblings? Yet, it came a lot later. As Draupadi had not embarked on a mission to be the Sovereign when she had first hitched Arjuna, not realizing that he was really a Pandava.


 List some similarities that Karve points out between Sita and Draupadi


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