BEGC 103 INDIAN WRITING IN ENGLISH Solved Assignment 2022-23

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You are required to do one assignment for this English Honours , Code BEGC 103 , which will be a Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) and will carry 100 marks. It will be based on blocks 1 to 4

BEGC 103 INDIAN WRITING IN ENGLISH Solved Assignment 2022-23 , IGNOU BEGC 103 Solved Assignment 2022-23 Download PDF ,BEGC 103 Solved assignment pdf , BEGE 142 Solved Assignment ,  BEGC 102 Assignment , IGNOU Assignment BEGC 103 , BEGC 103 Assignment Question , BEGE 141 Solved Assignment .

Last Date for Submission of Assignment:

  • ·        For June Examination: 30th April
  • ·        For December Examination: 31st October

BEGC 103 INDIAN WRITING IN ENGLISH Solved Assignment 2022-23

BEGC 103 INDIAN WRITING IN ENGLISH Solved Assignment 2022-23 , IGNOU BEGC 103 Solved Assignment 2022-23 Download PDF , BEGC 103 Solved assignment pdf , BEGC 103 Solved Assignment ,  BEGC 103 Assignment ,

Section A

Q.I Explain the reference to the context of the following: 4 x 5 = 20

(i) The new poets still quoted

 The old poets, but no one spoke In verse

Of the pregnant woman

 Drowned, with perhaps twins in her,

Madurai is the city of temples and poets. According to the poet, the sole concern of the earlier poets was to sing of the beauty of the city, its temples and its river. In every summer the river dries up making the sand visible. As the water level of the river decreases the sand looks like ribs of human.

In addition to the sand, there are straws and woman hair under the bridges with rusty bars and patches of repair all over them. There are also shining wet stones that look like sleeping crocodiles, and those that are dry tend to be water-buffaloes with no hair relaxing in the sun. No poet, however, sings of this. They just sing of the rainy season, without mentioning the sufferings of the common people caused by the monsoon river.

The poet claims he observed the flood of the river during the monsoon. People everywhere spoke about the rising water level of the river and the number of cobbled steps in the bathing place that it had submerged. It also took three village homes, a pregnant woman and a couple of cows by the humorous name of Gopi and Brinda.

However, the new poets who are Ramanujan’s contemporary still quote the old poets without paying attention to the present circumstances. They never talked about the pregnant woman drowned with the twins in her womb. The poet imagines that the twines were kicking to escape while their mother was drowning but they could not and ultimately drown to death with their mother. The poets never presented this heart rendering incident in their poems. The poet refers to himself using the third person ‘he’. According to the poet, the river becomes poetic only once a year to satisfy the romantic and aesthetic feeling of the poets.

Then in a sudden turn, the poet tells that in just half an hour, the river takes away three houses, a couple of cows and a pregnant woman who was expecting twins and was also thinking of having diapers of different colours to distinguish between them. Here the poet compares and contrasts the poetry of the other poets of his age with that of his own. On one hand, all other poets are very much interested in praising the beauty of the river on the other hand; our poet makes a balance between the beauty and the sufferings inflicted on the people by it.

A River by the A.K. Ramanujan explains how poets of the past and present have romanticised the Madurai River. The poem starts with the speaker saying that every year, every poet sings the same songs about the riverbed, sometimes flooding, and sometimes dry. When it is empty, it reveals all of its secret objects. The poets still sang about this time and the other period in which the flood took place. But, they’re not getting into the particulars of who’s being affected.

In the next stanzas, the speaker relays the words of the people of this region as they explain what has happened this year. Houses were swept away, including two cows and a woman who believed she was pregnant with twins. The speaker mocks old and modern poets for not caring enough to dig deeper into their environment.

(ii) Fed on God for years

All her feasts were monotonous

For the only dish was always God

And the rest mere condiments.

(iii) May the sins of your previous birth

Be burned away tonight, they said

May your suffering decrease

The misfortunes of your next birth, they said

(iv) O Bird of Time, say where do you learn

The changing measures you sing?

In blowing forests and breaking tides

In the happy laughter of new made brides,

Section B

Answer the following in about 500 words each:

Q.II What is novel? Discuss its various aspects.

The novel is one of the many possible prose narrative forms. It shares with other narratives, like the epic and the romance, two basic characteristics: a story and a storyteller. The epic tells a traditional story and is a combination of myth, history, and fiction. Its heroes are gods and goddesses and extraordinary men and women. The romance also tells stories of larger-than-life characters. It stresses on an adventure and often involves a search for an ideal or the quest of an enemy. In symbolic form, the events seem to project the primitive wishes, hopes, and fear of the human mind and are, therefore, similar to the resources of dream, myth, and ritual. Although this is true to some novels as well, what differentiates the novel from the romance is its realistic treatment of life and manners. In broad terms, a novel can thus be defined as a piece of prose fiction which dramatizes life with the help of characters and situations. It also portrays some characteristics of human experience and generates real-life impressions.

Aspects of Novel

The central idea of a novel is the theme. It is a concern or a subject on which the story rotates. For a novelist the theme is like a design that comes to the mind, sprouts like a seed and a story with plot and characters are woven around it.

The framework of the story is the plot. It has an opening, a centre and a conclusion. It progresses with the help of characters, events and actions. There can be even sub-plot in a plot but they are linked to each other in the main theme. The plot is thus the structure of the actions which work together to accomplish an artistic outcome. And as these actions are performed by the characters, plot and character are interdependent on each other. It is the plot that arranges and re-arranges the story according to the mode of narrative.

The writer offers some ethical or dispositional qualities to the characters which they expose through their actions. How should the person act, react, learn and change all constitute the art of characterization. With the advancement of the story, a character grows slowly and has the power to make the reader so involved that he might feel very close to the character participating and sharing the emotional fluctuations as well. A character has the potentiality of moving the readers and forcing them to remember it forever and this indicates the accomplishment of the art of characterization. 

Point of View
This indicates how a story is narrated. It is the perception through which the author depicts the characters, controls their actions and relates the events. The story can be in the first-person narration where the narrator reports the incidents with ‘I’ which represent that it is he who has been a spectator to the events of life.

Time and Place
A story originates and moves within a particular time and place and the author cannot detach himself from it. Use of place decides the location and the use of time assures the way the events are structured. It is not required for a novelist to mention the name of the place but through the setting and the background, the ambience is created. In some novels, the author uses place to give cultural support to the story and in some, the place is used as a source of significance and building the atmosphere around the story.

Each writer has his/her own style of writing. It is how the author narrates the story keeping in view the language and expression. The characters, situations and events are expressed maintaining a unique diction, choice of words, sentence structure etc. and it is this style that distinguishes one author from the other.


Q.III Analyze the story and title of A Tiger for Malgudi.

A Tiger for Malgudi is a 1983 novel by Indian author R.K. Narayan, written from the perspective of a tiger named Raja, who recounts his life, up to and including his uneventful elderly life in an exhibit in the Malgudi zoo. Raja speaks nostalgically about his memories of the wild before being captured by humans, while acknowledging the meditative life his carceral existence now affords.

 Through its personification of Raja, the novel validates the experiences and emotions of animals who are too often neglected by their captors, promoting cultures of nonviolence between humans and animals.

The novel begins as Raja remembers his early life. He was born in the Indian jungle. Growing quickly, he seized his rightful place at the top of the food chain. He recalls the other creatures of the jungle feared him. Raja lived most of his young life in the broad swath of jungle called the Mempi Range.

He was not an indiscriminate killer or despotic ruler, but was surely a dominant and occasionally ruthless one: he punishes those animals who deny him respect, and feasts on other animals liberally. At the same time, he has compassion for certain creatures. One day, Raja’s sense of supremacy is undermined when a female tiger challenges his arrogance. They fight and are an equal match, nearly killing each other.

A wise jackal inspires them to speak to each other rather than fight. Obeying his words, they surprisingly become friends, then become mates and bear children.

Q.IV Discuss the style and themes of the poems of Nissim Ezeikel with special reference to the poems prescribed in your course.

Q.V Critically analyze the story Swimming Lessons by Rohinton Mistry.

BEGC 103 Solved Assignment 2022-23

BEGC 103 Assignment Important Note Please remember that it is compulsory to submit your assignment before you can take the Term End Examination. Also remember to keep a copy of your assignment with you and to take a receipt from your Study Centre when you submit the assignment.

BEGC 103 INDIAN WRITING IN ENGLISH Solved Assignment 2022-23 , IGNOU BEGC 103 Solved Assignment 2022-23 Download PDF ,BEGC 103 Solved assignment pdf , BEGE142 Solved Assignment ,  BEGC 103 Assignment 2022-23

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3. Use only foolscap size paper for your response and tag all the pages carefully. 4. Write the relevant question number with each answer.

BEGC 103 INDIAN WRITING IN ENGLISH Solved Assignment 2022-23 , IGNOU BEGC 103 Solved Assignment 2022-23 Download PDF , BEGC 103 Solved assignment pdf , BEGE 142 Solved Assignment ,  BEGC 103 Assignment IGNOU Assignment BEGC 103 , BEGC 103 Assignment Question , BEGE 141 Solved Assignment .

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How to Make an IGNOU Assignment Submission?

Now, as a result of the lockdown and other pandemic-related rules, the institution has not only delayed the deadline for submitting IGNOU Solved Assignments, but has also created a new method for submitting them. Students now have the option of submitting IGNOU assignments online if they are unable to attend their designated centres.Thus, students now have three distinct methods for submitting IGNOU Solved Assignments based on their convenience.

Using the Offline Mode

This is the standard method via which students submit homework. Students must complete all assignment questions and then submit them to the study centre. When creating assignments, you should ensure that the very first page has all required information.

  • The student’s name
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If you submit IGNOU Solved Assignments directly to the study centre through offline mode, the person at the study centre will provide you with a receipt that you must save until the result is declared.

Using the Online Mode

Students who are unable to attend the study centre in person to submit their IGNOU Solved Assignments can now do it online using one of these two options. It should be noted that both techniques are subject to availability at the designated regional centre.

Google Sheets

The initial way is via Google Forms. Students may access IGNOU’s regional portals and then submit their IGNOU assignments. You can successfully submit IGOU assignments using Google Form by following the instructions below.

Additionally, visit the official websites of IGNOU Regional Centers.

Step 1:To begin, consult the list of IGNOU Regional Centres on the IGNOU’s Official Website and navigate to your RC’s website.

Step 2: On the front page of RC’s official website, navigate to the News and Events area.

Step 3: You should be presented with the Assignment Guidelines or Assignment Submission options, which you must select.

Step 4: When you click the link, the Google form opens in your browser.

Step 5: Begin filling out the form with accurate information such as your name, enrollment number, and subject code.

Step 6: Carefully upload your assignment’s scanned copy and submit the form.

Follow-up Instructions

While submitting IGNOU Solved Assignments via Google Form, be careful to follow these critical requirements.

  • Each subject requires a separate form.
  • Ascertain that the assignment files are uploaded appropriately.
  • You must scan and submit the handwritten copies of the assignments.
  • Assignments should not exceed 100MB in size when scanned.
  • You should send the scanned copy only in PDF format.

While you will input the essential information on the Google Form, it is a good idea to include the same information on your IGNOU assignment copy as well.

The option to submit assignments using Google Forms will be accessible only when the email submission quota has been reached.

BEGC 103 INDIAN WRITING IN ENGLISH Solved Assignment 2022-23 , IGNOU BEGC 103 Solved Assignment 2022-23 Download PDF ,BEGC 103 Solved assignment pdf , BEGE142 Solved Assignment ,  BEGC 103 Assignment 2022-23

Using Email Address

Though IGNOU has begun accepting assignments using Google Forms, this option will not be available in all regional centres. Google Forms will be available only if a regional center’s email quota has been exhausted and they are no longer able to receive assignment emails from students.

The following is the procedure for submitting IGNOU Solved Assignments through email.

Step 1: On the first page of your assignment, provide any pertinent information that you would include in an offline submission, such as your name, topic name and code, programme and course code, study centre name and code, and contact information.

Step 2: Scan your handwritten homework and save it as a PDF. Each PDF copy should contain a separate topic assignment.

Step 3: Conduct a Google search for the email address of your regional centre in the same manner as you did for the regional centre portal link.

Step 4: In the body of the email, provide all of the details shown on the front page of your assignments in a listicle manner.

Step 5: Attach the PDF versions of your assignments to the email and submit it to the regional center’s designated email address.

Following the email’s transmission, you should get an acknowledgement. This acknowledgement email may take a few hours to arrive. However, if you have not gotten it, you should check to see if the regional portal provided the Google Forms URL and post the assignments there as well.

Additionally, many of IGNOU’s regional centres do not email confirmation or acknowledgement following the submission of IGNOU Assignments, so you do not need to be concerned; instead, you should monitor the progress of your assignments to obtain the result.


How to get Good Marks in IGNOU  BEGC 103 Assignments 2022?

  • We’d like to advice you following points to get good marks in IGNOU assignments.
  • Write in Neat and Clean Handwriting.
  • Always use A4 Distance with 1 sidelining paper

Always Attempt all the questions. Write a complete answer try to cover all the major corridor of the answer. An deficient answer distance will lead you to poor marks.

Don’t Copy paste answer from the study material handed by IGNOU; use your own words and language to answer the questions.

Don’t copy from the answer of other students. However, the assignments of similar scholars will presumably be rejected, If the School teacher noticed a copied assignment.

BEGC 103 INDIAN WRITING IN ENGLISH Solved Assignment 2022-23 , IGNOU BEGC 103 Solved Assignment 2022-23 Download PDF , BEGC 103 Solved assignment pdf , BEGE 142 Solved Assignment ,  BEGC 103 Assignment 2022-23

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