RDD 7 Communication and Extension in Rural Development Solved Assignment 2022-23

RDD 7 Communication and Extension in Rural Development Solved Assignment 2022-23 : RDD 7 Important Questions with Answers In RDD 7 Communication and Extension in Rural Development Solved Assignment 2022-23, We’ll study The environment has the best effect on most people today. 

RDD 7 Guess Paper For Exam This IGNOU RDD 7 Assignment is has to be achieved separately by each student of program. Within this circumstance, the IGNOU RDD 7 Guess Paper RDD 7 Communication and Extension in Rural Development Solved Assignment 2022-23 For Exam plays an important part in the learning procedure.

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RDD 7 Solved Assignment 2022-23

Communication Extension in Rural Development

Note: The assignment has three sections. It contains questions, which require long, medium and short answers. A long answer should not exceed 1000 words. Medium answers should not exceed 500 words each. Short answers should not exceed 100 words each.

Long Answers Questions

Attempt any One of the following

Q.1. Why do we need communication support for rural development? Describe the steps involved in communication strategy development.

RDD 7 Communication and Extension in Rural Development Solved Assignment 2022-23 Strategies that include communication for rural development as a significant aspect of agricultural and rural development are sorely needed. Efforts in this direction are being made, but governments have yet to recognize fully the potential of this factor in promoting public awareness and information on agricultural innovations, as well as on the planning and development of small business, not to mention employment opportunities and basic news about health, education and other factors of concern to rural populations, particularly those seeking to improve their livelihoods and thereby enhance the quality of their lives. Rural development is often discussed together with agricultural development and agricultural extension. In fact "agricultural extension" is often termed "rural extension" in the literature. 

In contrast, rural development includes but nonetheless expands beyond the confines of agriculture, and furthermore requires and also involves developments other than agriculture. Accordingly, government should consider the establishment of a communication policy that while supporting agricultural extension for rural development also assumes the role of a "rural extension" service aimed as well at diffusing non-agricultural information and advice to people in rural areas. 

A communication policy would aim to systematically promote rural communication activities, especially interactive radio but also other successful media such as tape recorder and video instructional programmes. Computers and the Internet may not yet be accessible to rural communities but they serve the communication intermediaries and agricultural extension agents who provide information to rural populations. Other devices such as cell phones hold considerable promise for the transfer and exchange of practical information. For reaching the final agricultural and basic needs information users in rural areas today, radio is the most powerful and cost-effective medium. However, other traditional and modern communication methods are equally valuable, depending on the situation and availability, like face-to-face exchanges (via demonstration and village meetings); one-way print media (such as, newspapers, newsletters, magazines, journals, posters); one-way telecommunication media (including non-interactive radio, television, satellite, computer, cassette, video and loud-speakers mounted on cars); and two-way media: (telephone, including teleconferencing, and interactive (Internet) computer).

2. Discuss the meaning and objectives of extension.

Extension has been considered as the most acceptable strategy for rural development in a country like India. Extension aims at bringing abut a change in human behaviour where communication acts as an essential means of providing and exchanging ideas and facts. 

The first target of extension has been the rural people whose behaviour is changed in respect of knowledge, skills and attitudes and hence extension is a form of education for them. The concept of extension which started as out of school system of education for rural people has ' undergone changes in its aims, objectives and target population. 

It has been considered as a process, a method, a system and an art it is a social science for bringing out change in human behaviour. The major objective of extension is to change the knowledge, attitude, skills and practices of the rural people for increased production and income thereby, improving their standard of living. The principles of extension are governed by its philosophy on the one hand and the socio economic and political situation on the other. In this unit we shall discuss the meaning, definition, and concept of extension. We shall also discuss objectives, philosophy - and principles of extension.

The concept of Extension Education which originated in British Universities was intended to take the benefits of University education to the places where ordinary people live and work. This was described by adding the word 'Extnesion' as a qualifying adjective to the noun 'education'. Cambridge University introduced the term Extension Education for the first time in 1873. 

The dictionary meaning of the word 'extension' is the act of extending or the state of being "extended. Extension education is the extension of the results of research to the persons who are in need of it. In the context of diffision of agricultural information to the farmers, Vorhees (1894) was the first to use the word 'Extension'. 

In fact in the United States of America, extension work started when Dr. Seaman A. Knapp organized educational campaigns to control bolt-weevil during the period fiom late 1880s to the first decade of 1900. Formally, the teq Agricultural Extension was adopted in the United States of America when the Smith Lever Act of 19 14 was passed. With this Act a nation-wide Cooperqtive Federal State Country programme was formed and its national responsibility was given ta the Land-grant Colleges and Universities.

3. Describe various forms of organizational communication.

 RDD 7 Communication and Extension in Rural Development Solved Assignment 2022-23It’s important to understand the four types of organizational communication so you can use them effectively to express your ideas and make sure the recipient understands the message. While the functions of organizational communication vary, the goal is always to ensure that the message is conveyed accurately to your audience.

The importance of organizational communication in a business environment cannot be underestimated. The way employees communicate with each other, with managers or with external stakeholders such as customers and partners reflects on the business itself. As a result, it’s vital to be aware of the kind of communication in which you are participating. There are four types of organizational communication:

Most business communication can be organized into these four major categories. Each kind of communication is used in specific business scenarios and with different types of audiences.

There are many overlaps between the different kinds of communication. For example, communication can be from two or more different categories at the same time, such as a performance appraisal that is formal, downward, internal and written. It encompasses all four types of organizational communication.

Business communication can be categorized by the level of formality that is used. Formal communication generally has a specific organizational structure and a standardized and carefully crafted message. RDD 7 Communication and Extension in Rural Development Solved Assignment 2022-23 The company ensures the communication flows through a channel that caters to the audience.

For example, formal company news that is for customers may be sent through an official press release. However, formal company news that is for employees may be sent through a memo or be conveyed through a town hall meeting.

Informal communication, also known as the grapevine, is free flowing and spontaneous. This kind of communication takes place between employees one on one or in small groups. It can also involve quick interactions between employees and customers or partners.

Unlike formal communication, which moves at a slower pace, informal communication is more impulsive. This can lead to inaccurate or misinterpreted information. However, many organizations favor informal communication over formal communication because it enables employees to be more creative and self-driven.

Medium Answers Questions

Attempt any Two of the following:

1. What is an agriculture extension service? How it helps in improved agricultural production?
2. Describe the basic elements in extension management.
3. Discuss the concept and method social forestry extension.

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Short Answers Questions

Attempt any Five of the following

1. High Yielding Variety Programme

2. Group Meeting

3. Krishi Vigyan Kendra

4. Operation Flood Program

5. Organizational Barriers to Communication

6. Functions of Communication

7. Agriculture Development

8. Reaction Process

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RDD 7 Solved Assignment 2022-23

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