Comment on the ending of the play Ghashiram Kotwal


Comment on the ending of the play Ghashiram Kotwal-Ghasiram Kotwal is one of the finest Marathi novels. It turned into written through Vijay tendulker. Ghasiram Kotwal novel depicts the tale of a bad Brahmin who movements to Pune however is insulted through the Bramin network in Pune.Ghasiram receives emotionally harm and plans to take revenge. Comment on the ending of the play Ghashiram Kotwal. In this novel the finishing is unhappy as Ghasiram and his daughter each die.

But we are able to say that Ghasiram additionally were given lie to because of his emotions.He spoiled his daughter's existence through getting her married to a corrupt guy Nana.

If he desired to take revenge, he need to have located different methods to do so. Comment on the ending of the play Ghashiram Kotwal. His moves provoked the Brahmin network to plot to homicide him.After his loss of life the existence of Pune town turned into again to the antique corrupt methods.

Comment on the ending of the play Ghashiram Kotwal

Ghashiram Kotwal is a Marathi play written through playwright Vijay Tendulkar in 1972 as a reaction to the upward push of a neighborhood political party, in Maharashtra. The play is a political satire, written as ancient drama.

It is primarily based totally at the existence of Nana Phadnavis (1741–1800), one of the distinguished ministers withinside the courtroom docket of the Peshwa of Pune and Ghashiram Kotwal, the police leader of the town. Comment on the ending of the play Ghashiram Kotwal. Its subject matter is how guys in electricity provide upward push to ideologies to serve their purposes, and later smash them once they grow to be useless. It turned into first achieved on sixteen December 1972, through the Progressive Dramatic Association in Pune.

Jabbar Patel's manufacturing of the play in 1973 is taken into consideration a conventional in Modern Indian Theatre.


Tendulkar primarily based totally his play on a 1863 tale through author-historian Moroba Kanhoba who tossed collectively records and fiction to jot down Ghashiram Kotwal and noticed it as some thing of a easy morality play.

The first overall performance of this play turned into at Bharat Natya Mandir in Pune on sixteen December 1972. The play to start with generated a big controversy, however has been taken into consideration a fulfillment withinside the following years.

The play turned into staged at exceptional venues throughout a excursion of Western Europe in 1980. In 1986, the play toured towns in US and Canada.In 1989, the organization took the play on a excursion of east European international locations of Soviet union, East Germany, Hungary, and Yugoslavia.

The play starts offevolved with an invocation to lord Ganesha. Then the Brahmins of Pune introduce themselves and we are able to see the morally corrupt situation in Pune. Comment on the ending of the play Ghashiram Kotwal. Nana Phadnavis who's the Diwan (Chief Secretary) of Pune is likewise corrupt and visits the lavani dancer. Ghashiram is operating with the Lavani dancer. He is inspired through the wit of Ghashiram.

Ghashiram being a Brahmin is going to gather alms on the Peshwa's pageant the following day. However, he's ill-handled there and is charged with pick-pocketing and imprisoned for the offense. He then makes a decision to take revenge. So the play keeps directly to attain the following a part of this play.

Ghashiram barters his personal daughter Gauri to get the submit of Kotwal (police leader) of Pune from Nana. Having were given the submit he starts offevolved to put in force strict regulations withinside the town. He begins offevolved soliciting for lets in for the whole thing and begins offevolved throwing human beings in prison for the smallest offenses.

When the commoners come to Nana with a complaint, he dismisses them & is deeply indulged with Gauri. Comment on the ending of the play Ghashiram Kotwal. In the meantime, Gauri turns into pregnant through Nana and dies throughout childbirth. Nana asks her frame thrown withinside the river in secret. He convinces Ghashiram that the identify he enjoys is handiest due to his patronage. The scenario is going out of hand whilst some brahmins traffic to the town are installed prison, and die from suffocation because of insufficient air flow of their custody. The Brahmin of Pune then complains to the Peshwa.

The Peshwa summons Nana who orders Ghashiram to be killed withinside the maximum inhumane manner possible. Nana ignores his summons, the Brahmins then surround his palace protest. To store his pores and skin Nana sooner or later offers orders for execution of Ghashiram.

The play turned into primarily based totally on ancient facts. Ghashiram turned into a North Indian Brahmin, a resident of Aurangabad, who turned into appointed because the Police prefect of Poona on eight February 1777 and persevered to preserve officer until his loss of life which happened on 31 August below violent circumstances.

The ending of the play Ghashiram Kotwal

Yijay Tendulkar, the well-known playwright wrote Ghashiram Kotwal ill Marathi (first published, 1973). It has been translated into different languages - the Hindi translation was done by Vasant Dev (Delhi, 1974). Jayant Karve and an American professor Eleanor Zelliot jointly translated Ghashiram Kotwal from the Marathi into English (Calcutta, 1984).

 Comment on the ending of the play Ghashiram KotwalDrama, as we know, is quite different from a novel or a poem. We usually read a novel or a poem when we are alone. But drama is something more than simply words on the page - it is meant to be performed or enacted. The audience is an active participant in the theatrical presentation. So we respond to a play not alone but along with other members of the audience. It is quite another matter that other people will respond in

their own specific ways. But then there are some plays which we do not see performed but read them as literature. How will we approach such plays? We must remember that playwrights usually expect their plays to be performed. It is for this reason that they present their themes through dialogue, action, music, song and dance so that the play is visually captivating. When reading a play we have to make full use of our

imaginative powers. We must try to see the action and scenes as well as hear the voices of the characters. It is only then that we will be able to experience the play in its multiple dimensions: as ‘literature’ as well as ‘theatre’.

The Title

The title suggests that the play is about a man called Ghashirarn who is also a Kotwal. But is he the only important character in the play? You may have felt that Nana Phadnavis is a more important character. Comment on the ending of the play Ghashiram KotwalThe Sutradhar is there from the beginning to the end. Why then is the play called Ghashiram Kotwatl The title is similar to another play by Tendulkar called Sakharam Binder. The play is not simply about a man called Ghashiram but it is about the way in which power operates to create and destroy people like Ghashiram. The play is not so much about real historical characters like Ghashiram and Nana Phadnavis but about the hypocrisy, shame and decadence of those in high places who are willing to sacrifice anything for the sake of power and pelf

Ghashiram Kotwal Real Story

Briefly, the story is about Ghashiram, a Brahman from the North, who comes to eighteenth century Poona. It was at that time that the Peshwa’s chief minister Nana Phadnavis ruled supreme. Implicated in a false charge of theft, Ghashiram is insulted and humiliated by the Poona Brahmans and he vows to take revenge. His moment

comes when the ageing lecherous Nana takes a fancy to his beautiful young daughter Lalita Gauri. He sacrifices his daughter’s virtue to Nana’s lust and manages to become the Kotwal of Poona. Now he unleashes a reign of terror on the Brahmans.Comment on the ending of the play Ghashiram Kotwal His cruelty crosses all limits and the death of 22 innocent Brahmans results in his downfall andleads to his ignominious end when he is stoned to death. The Nana who has used Ghashirams daughter and discarde d her when he moves on to fresh pastures goes scot free. After Ghashirams death he announces public rejoicing for three days.

Nana Phadnavis in Ghashiram Kotwal

In Bavannakhani where we see the famous courtesan Gulabi dancing with Ghashiram. At this point our main protagonist Nana Phadnavis comes in joins the dance in the course of which he hurts his foot. It is Ghashiram who. true to his sycophantic character, offers Nana his bent back to place his injured leg. Comment on the ending of the play Ghashiram Kotwal In gratitude Nana gives him a pearl necklace. But when Nana goes away. Gulabi demands that the necklace be given to her. When Ghashiram resists, he is beaten up and sent away. Outside. he is accused of picking a Brahmin’s pocket and inspite of an English Sahib’s testimony to his innocence, he is beaten up and put in jail. All his protestations regarding his innocence fall on deaf ears following which Ghashiram vows to avenge his humiliation saying “I’ll make this Poona a kingdom of pigs’. How do you think he will do this? What was the role of the English Sahib who passes by in a palanquin? Don’t you think his presence further exposes the subservience of the Brahmans to the white people and their greed as they try to coax money out of him? The sahib also testifies to Ghashiram’s innocence hut in spite of that the unfortunate man is beaten up. The corruption of the brutal police is also highlighted here. But ill addition to all this, the presence of the English Sahib ill the palanquin serves to underline the fact that we are in colonial India. Comment on the ending of the play Ghashiram KotwalGhashirams opportunity for revenge comes when Nana is captivated by the sight of his beautiful daughter Lalita Gauri. Ghashiram tantalizes him by postponing the gratification

of his lust and exultantly claims ‘Now he’s in my hands ... ‘ The innocent Lalita Gauri is bargained away so that her father can become the Kotwal in order to gratify his vengeful desire to “make this Poona a kingdom of pigs’. But Ghashiram does not realize that not only has he bartered away his daughter but he has also ransomed his freedom to the wily Nana who means to turn this concession to his advantage as he spells out in a

soliloquy- ‘whatH happen is that our misdeeds will be credited to your account. We do, our Kotwal pays. The opportunity comes in the shape of Ghashirarn.’ Following Nana’s statement, we find Ghashiram dressed ceremoniously as the Kotwal of Poona and the scene draws to a close.

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