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MCQ on University Wits in English Literature

MCQ on University Wits in English Literature - Students can get important objective-type questions on University wits in English literature. University wits an essential to practice multiple choice questions on University wits, not because it's associated with Elizabethan age except for the examination. The Elizabethan period is taken into account to be the golden era of English literature in England.


What is University Wits ?

The drama before Shakespeare, found its full flowering with the dramatists called the 'University Wits'. These dramatists were well-educated scholars. They wrote within the closing years of the 16’Th century. This name of University Wits was given them because they were nearly all educated at Oxford or Cambridge University . Wit was the synonym for scholar.

All the University Wits have several features in common. that they had stormy careers. All of them were actively related to the theatre. They were usually actors also as dramatists. They understood the wants of the stage and felt the heart beat of the audience. They often worked together with one another . Their store material was also common. With these dramatists English drama reached the very best point of glory. In some ways they developed English drama.Christopher Marlowe was most shining star among the university wits. Others were Lyly, Peele, Greene, Lodge, Nashe and Kyd.

John Lyly: As a dramatist Lyly occupies a peculiar position. He selected classical themes and stories for his plays. He himself was a courtier and wrote for countries. He wrote eight plays altogether . They are-Campaspe, Sapho and Phao, Gallathea,The Man within the Moon, Midas, Mother Bombie, Love's Metamorphosis and Woman within the Moon. Lyly's contribution to English drama is extremely important. He was a comic book playwright. He gave shape to romantic comedy. Suitable poem was utilized in his comedies. He added to drama the qualities of delicacy, grace, charm and subtlety. he's documented as originator of Euphustic sort of prose writing.

George Peele: Peele was one among the best University Wits. His work has great variety. His The Old Wives Tales is that the first English play of dramatic criticism. His important plays are Arraignment of Pairs, The Battle of Alcazar, The Famous Chronicle of King Edward the primary , The Love of King David and Fair Bathsheba and therefore the Old Wives Tales. The list shows Peele's versatility as a dramatist. In his plays we notice a high level of poetic attainment. As a humorist he showed the thanks to Shakespeare. He widened the range of English dramas.


Robert Greene: Like Lyly, Greene was a playwright and novelist in one. He attained high excellence in both arts. His best plays are-The Comical History of Alphonsus, Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay and James IV . He was a master of his craft within the art of plotting. With him the romance became central within the art of drama. He contributed much to the event of romantic comedy.

Thomas Lodge and Thomas Nashe: The dramatic works of those authors are almost negligible. Lodge's 'The Wounds of Civil War' contains hardly anything that's new. He gave practically nothing to the theatre. He wrote poems, novels and plays. Nashe was a pamphleteer and storywriter. He tried his hand at drama also.

Thomas Kyd: English tragedy moves on its way with Kyd. He adhered to the Senecan school. it's he who popularised the blood and thunder element in drama. His 'The Spanish Tragedy' occupies and important place. it's a landmark in English tragedy. it's a well-constructed play. Kyd brought the revenge theme to the stage.

Christopher Marlowe: Marlowe was the central sun of the University Wits. he's truth founding father of the favored English drama. His contribution to English tragedy is extremely vital. His main works are Tamburlaine, Dr. Faustus, Edward II, The Jew of Malta and therefore the Tragedy of Dido. With Marlowe English drama reached the very best point of its glory. He raised the topic matter of drama to a better level. He gave life and reality to his characters. He made the poem smoother and gave unity to drama. Thus in some ways , he showed a path to Shakespeare.

Thus the University Wits contributed much to English drama. They prepared the bottom for drama. within the spheres of comedy and tragedy they made notable contribution and ready the way for Shakespeare.

University Wits may be a group of English dramatists, ho rote within the 16th century and were educated at the schools Oxford or Cambridge. They significantly influenced the event of Elizabethan literature. The group includes- Lyly , George Peele, Robert Green, Christopher Marloe, Thomas Lodge, Thomas Nashe, and Kyd .

According to Edward Albert, the play of University Wits had certain common features there was fascination towards heroic themes, style and treatment were also heroic and therefore the themes were tragic in nature.

MCQ on University Wits in English Literature

1- What form of fine art is the Elizabethan Era most famous for?






2- What type of plays were performed at the English theatre?

A-History Plays



D-All of these


3-The first complete tragedy of the Senecan type, which was written by Thomas Norton and Thomas Sackville?



C-Ralph Roister Doister



4-John Lyly’s plays are

A-Campaspe, Endymion and Galatea

B-Tamburlaine the Great, The Jew of Malta

C-The Battle of Alcazar, The Old Wives Tale and the Arrangement of Paris



5-Who calls Elizabeth age of England as a noble and puissant nation, rousing herself, like a stong man after sleep and shaking her invincible locks?




D-John Milton


6-Who was known for his work, prose romance Euphues?

A-John Lyly

B-Christopher Marlowe

C-Robert Green

D-Thomas Kyd


7-With who is Endymion is related

A-John Lyly





8-Name the dramatist of Campuses, Edition Love’s Metamorphosis

A-John Lyly

B-Thomas Lodge

C-Robert Greene

D-Thomas Nashe


9-George Peele plays are

A-The Battle of Alcazar, The Old wives Tale and Arraignment of Paris

B-The Unfortunate Traveller and The Life of Jack Wilton

C-The Spanish Tragedy



10-The dramatist known for his musical ability?

A-George Peele

B-John Lyly

C-Robert Greene

D-Thomas Kyd


11-Which play of George Peele was a pastoral play?

A-The Arraignment of Paris

B-The Battle of Alcazar

C-The famous Chronicle of King Edward

D-The Old Wives Tale


12-Which of these is a kind of mystery play by George Peele?

A-The Love of King David and Fair Bethsheba

B-The Old Wives Tale

C-The Battle of Alcazar



13-Which of these is a romantic satire on the current dramatic taste of George Peele?

A-The Old Wives Tale

B-The Arraignment of Paris

C-The Battle of Alcazar



14-The Old Wives Tale was written by

A-George Peele

B-Thomas Kyd

C-John Lyly



15-Which play of Robert Greene was written jointly with Lodge?

A-The Comical History of Alphonsus King of Aragon

B-The Honourable History

C-The history of Orlando Furioso

D-A Looking Glas for London and England


16-Christopher Marlowe’s plays are

A-The Je of Malta, Tamburlaine, 

B-The Spanish Tragedy

C-The Unfortunate Traveller



17-Which among the following plays by Christopher Marlowe has epic features?

A- Tamburlaine

B-Edward II

C-Doctor Faustus

D-Hero and Leander


18-The Hero of Marlowe’s Tamburlaine was born as a






19-Which of the following is not a revenge tragedy

A- Doctor Faustus

B-The White Devil

C-The Duchess of Malfi

D-The Spanish Tragedy


20-The immediate source of Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus is

A-A German narrative

B-A French Narrative




21-Thomas Nashe plays are

A-The Unfortunate Traveller and The life of Jack Wilton

B-The Spanish Tragedy and Gorboduc

C-The Je of Malta



22-Which is correct for the work of Nashe?

A-Pierce Penniless

B-The Jew of Malta

C-Defense of Plays

D-The Spanish Tragedy


23-The Unfortunate Traveller has been authored by

A- Thomas Nashe

B-Robert Green

C-Thomas Deloney

D-Thomas Lodge


24-Who among the following is included in University Wits but did not study at University?

A-Thomas Kyd

B-Robert Green

C-George Peele

D-John Lyly


25-Thomas Kyd’s The Spanish Tragedy influence by






26-Which one of them is not from the Universit Wits?

A-Thomas North

B-Robert Green

C-Thomas Kyd

D-Thomas Lodge


27- ”The plays of the University Wits and certain common features treatment was heroic and themes were tragic said by

A-Edward Albert





28-Who worked in an active manner regarding Queen Elizabeth’s safety?






29-Novum Organum is the book written by


B-Thomas Deloney

C-Thomas Watson



30-When was Bacon made Attorney-General?






31- ”A letter of advice to Queen Elizabeth earned instant attention to which of these authors?

A- Bacon


C-Robert Green

D-Thomas Kyd


32-”I have taken all knowledge for my province was said by


B-Ben Johnson

C-Robert Greene

D-Thomas Kyd


33-When did Bacon publish his 10 essays?






34-How many acts are there in William Shakespeare’s plays?






35-When was Romeo and Juliet written?

A-First Period

B-Second Period

C-Fourth Period



36-Macbeth hires assassins to murder Banquo’s son named






37-Macbeth from Shakespeare’s play was

A-great general

B-A scholar prime

C-Good commander

D-A Ripe old king


38-Othello was

A-Good commander

B-A Scholar

C-A ripe old king

D-Good person


39-Hamlet was

A-A scholar prince

B-Good Commander

C-A ripe old King



40-Who was the childhood friend of Helena in A Midsummer Night’s Dream?






41- Which character of Shakespeare describes thoughtful love?

A-Orlando and Rosalind

B-Phebe and Silvius

C-Celia and Oliver

D-Helena and Oberon


42-Which character of Shakespeare describes love at first sight?

A- Celia and Oliver

B-Helena and Oberon

C-Orando and Rosalind

D-Phebe and Silvius


43-In which play does Shakespeare introduced us to the world of fairies, with folklore. puck?

A-A Midsummer Night’s Dream

B-Lady Macbeth




44-Who is traveling with Macbeth when he first encounters the three witches

A- Banquo


C-Lady Macbeth



45-The mature comedy by Shakespeare is

A-Twelfth Night

B-Love’s Labour’s Lost

C-The Comedy of Errors



46- Which of these is the romantic comedy of Shakespeare?

A-Twelfth Night

B-The Taming of the Shrew

C-Love’s Labour Lost



47-Which of these are the dark comedies?

A-Measure for Measure

B-Much Ado About Nothing

C-As You Like It



48-Helena is the character belongs to whose play?


B-Thomas Kyd


D-John Lyly


49-Who was known for his tragedies?


B-John Lyly

C-Thomas Kyd



50-The tragic comedy among these is

A- Cymbeline

B-The Twelfth

C-As You Like It


Who were the University Wits?

Christopher Marlowe

Robert Greene

Thomas Nashe

Thomas Lodge

George Peele

John Lyly

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