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IBO 01 Important Topics for Exams

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IGNOU University already extended the date of June TEE Examination , Now this time everybody facing critical situation but even this situation made study so less but IGNOU is flexible university.

IBO 01 Important Topics

Electronic Commerce offers an excellent scope for domestic products to gain international visibility through the internet.

Technology is the most important factor behind emergence of globalisation.

Monetary and fiscal policies are important tools for influencing BOP condition.

Theory of Comparative Advantage provides the basis for international trade

The Ricardian theory of trade focuses on the comparative advantage of the nation.

World trade in the post-war decades has grown faster than the growth of world output

Services do not occupy an important place in Indian economy.

What are the key features of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India ? Distinguish between Direct and Portfolio investments, ' clearly pointing out their respective key characteristics.

Analyse the main features of world trade in terms of commodity and country region composition.

The Most Favoured Nation (MFN) clause

What are the ethical issues in International Business ? Do you think that a well written code of ethics is essential for every company ? Explain with examples.

Role of International Chamber of Commerce in Arbitration and Conciliation

Discuss the rationale of regional Economic Integration. Also explain the different types of integration, giving suitable examples.

"The ethical codes should not be too vague or too detailed".

Neo-classical theory focuses on the factor abundance, which determines the pattern of trade. Discuss.

What is balance of payments ? How does disequilibrium occur in balance of payments ? Describe the methods of correcting the disequilibrium.

What is Balance of Payments ? How does disequilibrium occur in Balance of Payments ? Describe the methods of correcting the disequilibrium .

Explain the role of transfer of technology in International trade.

Differences in environmental factors make domestic business different from the international firms.


IBO 01 Important Topics for Exams ; IBO 01 Important Topics

Short Notes


International Commodity Agreements

Ecological Environment

Trade in Services

Transfer Pricing

Intellectual Property Rights

Global Trade Point Network (GTPN)

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

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IBO 01 IMPORTANT TOPICS ,  IBO 01 IMPORTANT Notes ,  IBO 01 IMPORTANT Questions , IBO 01 Previous years question paper

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