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Here is the Sample

1- After Queen Victoria’s death Edward II acceded to the throne of England in






2- Who among the following poets is an Indian by birth and who called upon Englishmen ”to take up white man’s burden and reap his own reard”

A- Rudyard Kipling

B-W.B Yeats

C-Robert Bridges

D-W.H Davies

3-Robert Bridges was appointed poet Laureate in






4- Who wrote the Testament of beauty in 1929

A- Robert Bridges

B-John Masefield

C- Thomas Hardy

D-Sean O’Casey


5- Identify the title of the poem Robert Bridges wrote in 1904 for the opening of Sommerville college, Oxford


B-The Eros and Psyche


D-Prometheus, the Firegiver


6-Identify the poet who became the poet Laureate in 1930 after the death of Robert Bridges?

A- John Masefield

B- Walter De La Mare

C-James Elroy Flecker

D-W.W Gibson


7- The Georgian Poetry ”a work of twelve different writers appeared in






8- Name of the Indian poet mystic and philosopher who influenced W.B Yeats

A- Purohit Swami

B- Swami Ramatirtha

C- Swami Ramatirtha

D-Paramahansa Yogananda


9- Identify Yeats poems that show the influence of Indian thought, especially of the Bhagavadgita

A- The Black Tower and Under Ben Bubble

B-Responsibilities and The Wild Swan

C-New Poems



10-W.B Yeats was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in






11-Cast a cold eye, On life, on death, Horseman, pass by The epitaph appears in Yeats

A-Under Ben Bubben

B-No Second Troy

C-September 1936

D-The Sorrow of Love


12-Yeats philosophical work which the spirits partly dedicated to his wife is entiled

A- A Vision

B- The Cold Heaven

C-Ideas of Good and Evil

D-Leda and the Swan


13-Who won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1948?

A- T.S Eliot

B-Stephen Spender

C-W.H Auden

D-G.S Frazer


14- T.S Eliot’s Ash Wednesday his

A- Six Parts

B- Three Parts

C-Four Parts

D-Seven Parts


15-Who referred to T.S Eliot’s style’s as ”Poetic shorthand”?

A- I.A Richards

B- Frank Kermode

C-J.Dover Wilson

D-W.H Auden


16- ”Time present and time past, are both contained in time future, and Time future contained in time post”

These lines are taken from T.S Eliot’s

A- The Waste Land

B-Ash Wednesday

C-The Hollow Man



17- ”Here I am an old man in a dry month Bening read to by a boy, waiting for rain” These lines from

A- T.S Eliot’s Gerontion

B-W.B Yeats’s Leda and the Swan

C- Robert Bridges



18- ”The Waste Land expresses poignantly a desperate sense of the poet and the age’s lack of positive spiritual faith”

A- A. G Fraser

B- I.A Richards

C- T.S Pearce

D-R.C Crane


19- A great essayist and journalist is known as ”Alpha of the plow” Identify him

A- A.G Gardiner

B-Bertrand Russell

C-Robert Lynd

D-I.A Richard


20- Identify the author of Old Lamps for the New

A- Hillaire Belloc

B-W.H Hudson

C-A.G Gardiner

D-Lytton Strachey


21-Who among the following writers made a remarkable contribution to the art of biography writing?

A- Lytton Strachey

B-W.H Hudson

C- Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch

D-G.K Chesterton


22-Seven Pillars of Wisdom is written by

A- T.E Lawrence

B-Hillaire BELLOC

C- J.B Priestley

D-Aldous Huxley


23-An assistant editor of Punch was a celebrated biographer of Charles Lamb who was he

A- E.V Lucas

B- Max Beerbohm

C-J.B Priestley



24-Who among the following novelists contributed to the novels of sea life and made the theme a memorable experience of reading?

A- Joseph Conrad

B- Rudyard Kipling

C-George Moore

D-George Robert Gissing


25- Marlow is a character in

A-Joseph Conrad’s Lord Jim

B- E.M Forster’s Howard’s End

C-Arnold Bennett’s Changer



26- Who among the following novelists pioneered science fiction at the beginning of the twentieth century?

A- H.G Wells

B- Samuel Butler

C-John Davidson



27- Who wrote The Aspects of the Novel in 1928?

A- E.M Forster

B- Aldous Leonard Huxley

C-James Joyce

D-D.H Lawrence


28- Who wrote Death foe a Hero one of the bitterest novel produced by the First World War?

A- Richard Aldington

B- Harold Monro

C-Arnold Bennett



29- Only Connet identify the novelist ho says these words in Howard’s End

A- E.M Forster

B-H.G Bells

C-James Joyce

D-Virginia Woolf


30- D.H Lawrence called one of his novels thought adventure Identify the novel

A- The Tresspasser

B- The Rainbow

C- Women in Love



31-R.L Somers is a character in D.H Lawrence’s

A- The Planned Serpent

B- Sons and Lovers




32- Paul Morel appears in

A- D.H Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers

B-James Joyce’s Dubliners

C- Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway



33-Miriam Henderson is a character in

A- Dorothy Richardson’s The Painted Roof

B- James Joyce’s Ulysses




34- Stephen Dedalus a projection of James Joyce himself appears in

A- A Portrait of the Artist as a Youngman

B-Finnegans Awake




35- The characters of Leopold and Mrs. Bloom appear in

A- James Joyce’s Ulysses

B-Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway

C-Rebecca West



36- Riders to the Sea is a ply written by

A- J.M Synge

B-Harley Granville

C-John Galsworthy

D- T.W Robertson


37- Falder is a character in

A- Galsworthy’s Justice

B-G.B Shaw’s Arms and the Man

C-J.M Synge



38- Sir Ralf Bloomfield Bonnington is a character in G.B Shaw’s

A- The Doctor’s Dilemma

B-Man and Superman




39-G.B Shaw started writing dramatic criticism for

A- The Saturday Review

B- The World

C-The Pall Mall Gazette



40- The problems play is also known as

A- The Drama of Ideas

B- The Propaganda Play

C-The Drama of conflict



41-Identify from the following options the dramatist ho does not introduce any villain in his plays?

A- G.B Shaw

B-John Drinkwater

C-Harold Pinter

D-A.W Pinero


42-Alan J Lerner rendered a musical version of G. B Sha’s

A- Pygamalion


C-Caesar and Cleopatra



43- W.B Yeats endeavored to revive the poetic drama at the

A- Abbey Theatre

B- Public Theatre

C-Royal Theatre

D-London Theatre


44- Who among the following dramatist firmly established the conventions and traditions of the poetic drama?

A- T.S Eliot

B- W.B Yeats

C- Christopher Fry



45- T.S Eliot pro founded the theory of poetic drama in

A- Rhetoric and Poetic Drama

B-Tradition and Individual Talent

C-The Sacred Wood

D-Selected Essays


46-The Lady is not for Burning is a play written by

A- Christopher Fry

B- James Elory Flecker

C-Lascelles Abercrombie

D-Stephen Philis


47-Edward Chamberlayne, a lawyer is a character in

A- T.S Eliot’s The Cocktail Party

B-W.B Yeat’s Deridre

C-John Drinkwater’s Rebellion



48-William Somerset Maugham’s Mrs.Dot is

A- A play

B-A prose

C-A Drama



49- British Drama league was founded in






50- The Romantic period is characterized by

A- Return to nature

B-Return to classicism



Most Repeated MCQ of English Literature

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