Firefly Lane Summary

Firefly Lane Summary Firefly Lane may be a 2008 young adult novel by the ny Times best-selling American author Kristin Hannah, who has written quite 20 novels. Firefly Lane begins in 1974 and tells the story of two women whose 30-year friendship becomes the stabilizing force in their lives.

Firefly Lane tells the story of Kate and Tully, best friends since eighth grade, as they navigate life, love, and friendship. The narrative begins within the summer of 1974, a time of self-examination and reflection within the lifetime of eighth-grade student Kate Mularkey, who has accepted her position on the lower rungs of the social ladder to be her inevitable fate in life. Much to her surprise, Tully (Tallulah) Hart moves into her neighborhood and needs to be her friend. That summer marks the start of a relationship that stretches over quite three decades.

Tully moves to Firefly Lane together with her mother, Cloud, who features a history of abandoning her. Cloud is a lover , and in their new home, Tully is forced to worry for her. While attending a highschool party, Tully is raped, and she or he finds a confidante in Kate Mularkey, the nerdy loner from across the road . the women are inseparable until Cloud is arrested and Tully returns to measure together with her grandmother. During their years apart, the women write to every other faithfully. When Gran dies, Tully turns to Kate and therefore the Mularkeys for solace, occupation with them to end her senior year.

As Tully and Kate attend college, Kate starts to emerge from Tully’s shadow. Tully focuses on becoming a journalist, taking advanced classes and sending resumes everywhere . Kate finds that her interests lie less in journalism and more in writing, or, even more, find love and settling down. At the top of her senior year, Tully secures an internship at an area TV station and gets Kate employment there, too. Their boss may be a former correspondent named Johnny Ryan, with whom Kate instantly falls crazy . Worrying that Johnny only has eyes for Tully, Kate keeps her feelings a secret.

After Tully is shot while live broadcasting a robbery ongoing , she starts to maneuver up the journalistic ladder. With Tully out of the office, Kate reveals her feelings to Johnny, and that they pursue a relationship. As Tully’s career flies , Kate marries Johnny, and that they have children. Tully and Kate stay connected, but their lives are very different; however, both women find that they need more or need more in how .

After an opportunity encounter with an old boyfriend, Tully feels the necessity to seek out Cloud and rekindle their relationship. Johnny suggests that Tully film the search and encounter. The footage of Tully’s failed plan to reconnect together with her mother is immensely popular, and it helps her land her own show, which she agrees to try to to as long as it's in Seattle, near Kate and Johnny, and if Johnny is her producer. As Tully becomes more enmeshed in Kate’s life, Kate’s old jealousies about Tully and Johnny are rekindled, and new jealousies are forged because Kate’s daughter, Marah, idolizes Tully.

 With Marah and Kate’s relationship growing increasingly tense, Tully intervenes by inviting Kate to a live show to assist repair the rifts between them. The show isn't what Kate expected, and she or he berates Tully on the air. Johnny quits as Tully’s producer, and Tully and Kate’s 30-year friendship is in shambles. During their time apart, Kate and Tully mourn their relationship, but both believe that the opposite should apologize.

After Kate is diagnosed with carcinoma , she reaches bent Tully; however, Tully is in Antarctica covering a story. While Kate is within the hospital, having endured countless treatments for her illness, she calls Tully again, knowing she doesn’t have much time left. Without hesitation, Tully is by her side. Through the last months of Kate’s life, Tully provides support, love, and understanding. After Kate’s death, Tully recognizes the gift of her friend’s love.


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