MLIL 007 Programming Solved Assignment 2021-22

MLIL 007 Solved Assignment 2021-22

MLIL 007 Solved Assignment 2021-22: MLIL 007 Programming Solved Assignment 2021-22, All IGNOU Assignment Free of Cost available at our website. IGNOU University always being in picture due to its IGNOU Assignment Date Extended. In this post Student will Get MLIL 007 Solved Assignment 2021-22 Easily.

General Instructions for Practical Assignment:

i) Compilers to work on for the practical assignment will be provided by the counseller/practical supervisor in the Study/TeleLearning.

ii) You are required to do the practical assignment in the Study/Tele Learning Centre. EvaluationoftheassignmentwillbedonebytheCounsellor/PracticalSupervisorontheSpot.

iii) Attempt either Group A (C++) or Group B (Visual Basic) or Group C (Java).

iv) For Each C++ and Java program, students are required to design a class construct.

 v) All questions are compulsory.

Group A: (C++)

1) Write a program to calculate the fine to be charged on books returned late in a library. (10)

2) Write a program using if- then loop for issuing general books and not reference books in a library. (10)

3) Write a program to create a student class which should have the following fields: Student Name Student Age Fee Total Marks Create 5 objects of his/her class and test the program, and

i) Print the contents of all objects. (10)

ii) Sort the student objects in ascending order of their total marks. (5) 25

5) Write a program to implement and test a recursive function for a palindrome. A palindrome is an alphanumeric string such that the string reads the same in the forward and backward directrion. (10)

6) Write a program that takes an input of three integers from the keyboard and outputs the sum, average, and product of the numbers.

OR Group B: (Visual Basic)

1) Write and implement an event procedure to design a simple calculator, where the user types a number into text box and the program displays the square of this number in another textbox. (10)

2) Write a program to convert temperature in Celsius into Kelvin, where Kelvin-273+Celsius. (10)

3) Write a program that prints a table with two columns and four rows. The first column (10) consists of list of countries and the second column consists of list of currencies that are related to countries in first, but not corresponding exactly. When the user clicks on “Submit” button, the program should rearrange the data in two columns such that the country and respective currency is placed in corresponding columns. Use appropriate VB elements. Make suggestions, if any

4) Create a form with a picture box. Find 2 interesting picture. Use a timer control to cycle the (10) pictures every 2 seconds.

5) Create a form having a text box which takes a number as input and in other text box it (10) outputs reverse of the number after a button is pressed.

OR Group C: (Java)

1) Write a program to sort a given array of accession numbers in ascending order (10) ( You may select about 15 accession numbers of 5 digits at random).

2) Write a small program that accepts to represent the following pattern: (10) 1 1 2 1 2 3 1 2 3 4

3) Write a program to find the smallest element in an array. (10)

4) Show two ways to concatenate the following two strings together to get the string (10) “Good Morning” 26

i) Strings 1= “Good”

ii) Strings 2= “Morning”

5) Write a program to find the area of a circle

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