MJM 025 Media Ethics And Laws Solved Assignment 2021

MJM 025 Solved Assignment 2021-22

MJM 025 Media Ethics And Laws Solved Assignment 2021-22: All IGNOU Assignment Free of Cost available at our website. IGNOU University always being in picture due to its IGNOU Assignment Date Extended. In this post Student will Get MJM 025 Solved Assignment 2021-22 Easily.

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1. In the much hyped ‘Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide’ case last year, the media ran parallel trials, naming and blaming some people and building hypothetical conclusions to the case being a murder or a conspiracy. In light of this incident, highlight the role of ethics and self regulation of media in covering sensitive issues. 

2. There is provision of how many kinds of emergencies in our Constitution that can be proclaimed by the President of India? Cite an example of any such situation in an Indian State and give your views on its need and consequences.

3. With the advent of Digital Media, ethical considerations are undergoing a change. Share your views on what and how the online media can do to remain ethical in these changing times.

4. Faker News and misinformation is becoming a menace with ease of sharing through social media. Find out and talk about some tools to check fake news.

5. What do you understand by the Law of Defamation. Find out from the internet, any recent famous case of Defamation in India and discuss it here.

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