BGSE 001 Solved Assignment 2020-21 in English Medium

 BGSE 001 Solved Assignment 2020-21 in English Medium 


Programme Code: BDP
Course Code: BGSE-001
Assignment Code: BGSE-001/AST-01/TMA/2020-21
Maximum Marks: 100
Weightage: 30%


Question 1: Explain any 5 of the following in 200 words each. (5X10=50)
(i) Patriarchy and Stereotyping
(ii) Social Construction of Sexuality
(iii) Forms of Masculinity
(iv) Violence in Marriage
(v) Decent Work
(vi) Acid Attacks and Honour Crimes
(vii) Sexual Harassment- Myth and Reality
Viii) Gender Difference in Vocabulary
ix) Gender Roles in Cinema
x) Reproduction and Surrogacy


(i) 40 marks for collecting information from Print media :
(ii) 10 marks for writing answers to the question given below:

Question 2: Choose ten news items published in the newspapers or magazines related to gender awareness and paste them in your answer book with date of publication, name of the newspaper or magazine and language of the newspaper/magazine.
Based on the collected material, answer the following questions.
1. Do you find gender awareness related news items in the newspapers/ magazines regularly? ( 2 marks)
2. On which page of the newspaper/magazine the gender- aware news is published? ( 2 marks)
3. Do you discuss gender awareness issues after reading it in the newspaper/magazine? (2 marks)
4. Are you able to get sensitized on gender issues after reading the news items? (2marks)
5. What should the government do to bring more gender sensitivity in the news papers and magazines? (2 marks)

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