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DCE 3 SHORT STORY SOLVEDASSIGNMENT 2020-21   , DCE 3  Solved Assignment 2020-21, DCE 3  Assignment 2020-21, DCE 3  Assignment, IGNOU Assignments 2020-21- Gandhi National Open University had recently uploaded the assignments of the present session for BA Programme for the year 2020-21. Students are recommended to download their Assignments from this webpage itself. DCE 3 SHORT STORY SOLVEDASSIGNMENT 2020-21 They don’t got to go anywhere else when everything regarding the Assignments are available during this article only.

Candidates got to download the IGNOU Assignments for appearing within the Term End Examination [TEE] of IGNOU BA Programme.

For Students - DCE 3 SHORT STORY SOLVEDASSIGNMENT 2020-21   Students are advised that after successfully downloading their Assignments, you'll find each and each course assignments of your downloaded BA Programme. DCE 3 SHORT STORY SOLVEDASSIGNMENT 2020-21    Candidates need to create separate assignment for the IGNOU Master Course, in order that it's easy for Evaluators to see your assignments.

DCE 3 SHORT STORY SOLVEDASSIGNMENT 2020-21, DCE Solved Assignment 2020-21


1 Continue the following story and take it to a logical conclusion: She could hear water running in the kitchen when she unlocked the front door and entered her house. This seemed surprising since she lived alone and there couldn’t possibly be anyone else in the house. She ran towards the kitchen and pushed open the door – and in that instant she realized that she should have run out of the house instead of into it…

2 Write a short story beginning with the following sentences: (You can fill in the blanks for the name, gender, town and age) My name is ……………….and I am a ……………….living in ………………. I’m ……………….years old and am married/not married. Yesterday I killed someone and I haven’t been able to……………….

3 Write a short story for children on one of the following: i Trapped in an elevator ii Waking up to something absurd iii My happiest day Remember that the story is for children so the language and the values that the story endorses should suit their age.

4 Write a mystery / detective story around the following situation: A spinster is murdered leaving all her wealth to her neighbour who immediately becomes a suspect. You, as the neighbor’s best friend set out to solve the mystery of the murder and absolve your friend of the crime.

5 Write a story about how your deepest fear in life was holding you back and how you managed to overcome it.

IGNOU Assignment Status 2020-21

DCE 3 SHORT STORY SOLVEDASSIGNMENT 2020-21  Those students who had successfully submitted their Assignments to their allocated study centres can now check their Assignment Status. DCE 3  Solved Assignment 2020-21 Along side assignment status, they will also checkout their assignment marks & result. All this is often available in a web mode. After submitting the assignment, you'll check you IGNOU Assignment Status only after 3-4 weeks. it'd take 40 days to declare.

Here the scholars can check their IGNOU Assignment Status 2020, marks, result or both the sessions i.e; June & December.

DCE 3 SHORT STORY SOLVEDASSIGNMENT 2020-21  Once the TEE assignments are submitted to the Centres, it's send to the evaluation department. DCE 3 SHORT STORY SOLVEDASSIGNMENT 2020-21  After which the evaluation of IGNOU Assignment Solutions takes place.


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