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NIOS Class 10 Data Entry Operations Assignment 2020-21

NIOS Class 10 Data Entry Operations Solved Assignment  2020-21 ,  NIOS Class 10 English (202) Solved Assignment  2020-21, NIOS Class 10th Solved Assignment 2020-21, NIOS Solved Assignment, NIOS Assignment 2020-21  As we know Nios Tutor Marked Assignment is compulsory for Nios class 10th solved assignments and class 12th solved assignments, students of National Institute of Open Schooling Board. Learner has to solved Assignments of nios open board as per given guidelines in NIOS TMA Books. It contain 20% Marks of theory papers so this is most important to Students make nios assignment 2021 very carefully to get maximum marks in mark-sheet.


NIOS Class 10 Data Entry Operations  Assignment  2020-21

NIOS Class 10 Data Entry Operations  Assignment  2020-21

Note : (i) All question are compulsory. The Marks allated for the respective questions are mentioned against each question

(ii) Write your name, enrollment numbers, AI name and subject on the first page of the answer sheet.


1.      Q.1. Answer any one of the following questions.

 (a)   Differentiate between system software and application software. 

(b)  Raj wants to assemble a computer on his own for which he wanted to purchase the hardware parts. Suggest the basic components required (any four) to assemble the computer.After assembling which will be the very firstsoftware he needsfor installation out of the list given below:-

(a)   Driver software

(b)  Operating System Software

(c)   Word Processor

(d)  Anti Virus Software


2.    Q.2. Answer any one out of the following questions.

 (a)   Write the shortcut keys of the following.

Find, Format Painter, Subscript, Change case

(b)  Shruti wants to know the hierarchical list of files, folders and storage devices of her computer. Suggest her the steps to view the files and folders with details.


3.     Q.3. Answer any one out of the following questions.

(a)   What are the main features of MS Excel?

(b)  Three examples of text is shown below:- Write the type of alignment used in the text.


4.     Q.4. Answer any one out of the following questions in about 100 to 150 words.

 (a)   Swati, a HR manager of "Reach Recruitment Company" has stored the candidates biodata in a spreadsheet. There are 15 candidates for the post of Junior Engineer. Four rounds of interview were conducted for the candidates. The manager wants to store the confidential comments from each round of the interview conducted in a spreadsheet. Explain different ways to protect her workbook.

(b)  Define chart. Name the different types of charts. Explain any three types of charts.


5.   Q.  5. Answer any one out of the following questions in about 100 to 150 words.


(a)   Write short notes on smart art graphics. Write different steps to create a smart art.

(b)  "AAA Educational institute" is planning to conduct a competition for "Earth Day" Celebration. The topic is "Global Warming". Prepare an article using word processor for the same. Also use Clip Art and Word Art to make it more attractive

 (i)  Save your work as "Global.doc" on Desktop.

(ii) Run the spell checker and check the grammar.

(iii)  Use Bullets.

(iv) Change the line spacing of paragraph to 1.5.

(v) Add a header to the document and write your name and course code.

(vi) Set the top margin to 3 cm. Save your work and take a print out.


6.      Q. 6. Prepare any one project out of the following projects given below


(a)   "XYZ School" is organising an "Annual Meet" in the second week of July 2020. The principal of the school wants to send invitation cards to all the parents to attend the meet. He wanted to add the school logo and water mark of the school building.

 (i) Suggest a suitable way to add the images using Word software.

(ii) Use Mail Merge feature and write down the steps for the same. Also mention the types of documents required in mail merge

(iii) Create four envelopes by merging an address list.


(b)  Create a PowerPoint presentation on "Importance of Health".It must include the following (one slide each):

(i) What is Health?

(ii)  Mental Health and Physical Health

(iii)  Healthy Food Habits

(iv)  Role of Physical activities in maintaining Health



How to write Nios Tutor Marked Assignment

  • Use A4 Size Ruled Paper (One Side Lining, one Side Plain)
  • Do not copy word to word from your textbook, you are supposed to do some external research.
  • Write the answers in your own handwriting.
  • Obey the word limits asked in questions.
  •  Use the Heading and bullet points to explain your views.
  • Make Headings and points with a Dark pen.
  •  Make a proper cover page on the top and then attach question paper and then your answer sheets.


NIOS Assignment 2020-21

  • It develops a regular study habit which will help you to become a self-learner.
  • You can get to know about the subject-matter more clearly.
  • Enhances your writing practices which gradually helps in your final exam preparation.
  • You can get to know about your progress in the Course Module/Subject you have opted for.
  • It also helps you to maintain contact with the subject teacher at your Accredited Institution and take appropriate guidance in your studies.


How to get Good Marks in the Assignment of NIOS 2021?

Before you write the assignments, it is very important that you go through the instructions carefully. Here, we have shared some of the tips on how to write down the assignments.

Candidates must write down the assignment in your own handwriting.

Use A4 Size Paper to write down the assignments.

Use a Blur or Black Pen to write down the assignment.

Keep the NIOS Assignment Coverpage simple and clear.

Make sure that your answer must be clear, brief, and to the point.

Add Diagrams if required in the answer.

Do not strike off or scribble on any errors.

Use a Ruled Paper and leave sufficient spaces within each answer.

Answers should be authentic and plagiarism free and must be within the word limit.

Make separate assignments for each course.


NIOS Assignment Front Page

NIOS Assignment 2020 is out there for Secondary, Senior Secondary, and D.El.Ed Courses. The National Institute of Open Schooling is liable for conducting the Assignment Process for the candidates. Admitted Candidates can download the Assignment Questions and FrontPage Sample here. The Authority is liable for D.El.Ed and Secondary and Senior Secondary Assignment Submission. The D.El.Ed stands for Diploma in education which may be a two-year course that trains and enhances the teaching skills of untrained teachers. Whereas, Secondary and Senior Secondary stands for 10th and 12th class respectively. The NIOS Assignments also are referred to as Tutor Marked Assignments. So, during this article, we've provided complete details of the NIOS TMA. Therefore, undergo the article carefully.

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