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IGNOU MEG Assignments 2020-21

 IGNOU MEG Assignments 2020-21 is now uploaded by IGNOU University: Now This is the current session which starts from July 2020 and January 2021. Students who are searching for the Assignments for MEG Course from IGNOU can now download from here. We have given the most simplified way to download IGNOU MEG CBCS Assignments 2020-21 for Current Year. Now from the current session 2020-21, you can also download the Ignou MEG Assignments 2019-20 session.

IGNOU MEG Assignments 2020-21 are cover 30% from the main Exams and it really an important thing to submit IGNOU Assignments on time. Students please submit all the assignments before date. We also provide Handwritten and Solved PDFs assignment for your Easiness.

IGNOU MEG Assignments 2020-21

Ignou MEG Assignments 2020-21 For Ignou MA English Course

IGNOU MEG Assignments Papers 2020-21: Ignou has recently started uploading new session Assignment for MEG programme for 2020-21 session. Ignou MA English students can download Ignou MA English Assignment from this page.

This is compulsory to submit MEG Assignments to each subject. Without submitting assignments you will not get permission to attend the term end exam for MA English Programme.

Students are advised to read the Instructions on MEG Assignment and submit it by making an Individual file for each subject.

Programme Code: MEG

Name of the Programme: Master of Arts in English


Ignou MEG Assignments for 2020-21 Session (July 2020 & Jan 2021)

All applicable assignments for Ignou MA English for 2020-21 session are below. Ignou MEG Assignment 2020-21 is valid for July 2020 admissions & January 2021 admissions.


Submission Dates:

for January 2021 Applicants: 
30th September 2021 for July 2020 Applicants: 31st March 2021


Ignou MA English Assignments 2020-21


·         MEG-1 Assignment 2020-21

·         MEG-2 Assignment 2020-21

·         MEG-3 Assignment 2020-21

·         MEG-4 Assignment 2020-21

·         MEG-5 Assignment 2020-21

·         MEG-6 Assignment 2020-21

·         MEG-7 Assignment 2020-21

·         MEG-8 Assignment 2020-21

·         MEG-9 Assignment 2020-21

·         MEG-10 Assignment 2020-21

·         MEG-11 Assignment 2020-21

·         MEG-12 Assignment 2020-21

·         MEG-13 Assignment 2020-21

·         MEG-14 Assignment 2020-21

·         MEG-15 Assignment 2020-21

·         MEG-16 Assignment 2020-21


Ignou MEG Assignments 2019-20 (July 2019 & Jan 2020)


Ignou MA English assignments 2019-20 are applicable for July 2019 & January 2020 applicants. If you have taken admission or re-admission in July 2019 or January 2020, these are for you.

MA English Assignments 2019-20 Session


·         MEG-1 Assignment 2019-20

·         MEG-2 Assignment 2019-20  

·         MEG-3 Assignment 2019-20  

·         MEG-4 Assignment 2019-20 

·         MEG-5 Assignment 2019-20  

·         MEG-6 Assignment 2019-20 

·         MEG-7 Assignment 2019-20 

·         MEG-8 Assignment 2019-20 

·         MEG-9 Assignment 2019-20 

·         MEG-10 Assignment 2019-20  

·         MEG-11 Assignment 2019-20 

·         MEG-12 Assignment 2019-20

·         MEG-13 Assignment 2019-20  

·         MEG-14 Assignment 2019-20 

·         MEG-15 Assignment 2019-20 

·         MEG-16 Assignment 2019-20

Validity of 2019-20 Assignments: All the above Assignments are Valid for January 2020 admission. The last date of submission is 30th September 2020.

Common Instructions to Submit Ignou MEG Assignments

·         Write the Answers in your own Handwriting.

·         Each question has different marks, you need to write the answer following the word limits.

·         Use A4 size papers Ruled (Lining) paper.

·         Keep it in the following sequence: Ignou Assignment Cover Page– Question paperAnswer Sheet

·         Staple all together like an exam answer booklet.

·         Do not use plastic cover/folder.


Where to Submit Ignou MA English Assignment?

Visit your study centre and submit the assignment of each subject to your study centre coordinator. Please remember the submission date. You need to submit your MEG Assignments within the deadline.