Saturday, November 21, 2020

MPYE 006 Dalit Philosophy Solved Assignment 2020-21


MPYE 006 Dalit Philosophy

Solved Assignment 2020-21

Note: i) Give answer of all five questions. ii) All five questions carry equal marks. iii) The answer of questions no. 1 and 2 should be in about 500 words.

1. What do you understand by the idea of philosophizing from Dalit Perspectives? Give a critical exposition of it.


What is the role of symbols in a movement? Discuss pragmatic and constructive religious symbol as a counter narrative in Dalit Movement. Do you think that they can make a successful counter-narrative?

2. Discuss and evaluate the basis for Dalit Eschatology.  


Discuss the idea of Dalit folklore and cultural expression.

3. Answer any two questions in about 250 words each.

a) Write an essay on the problem of evil from dalit perspective.  

b) Write an essay on Gandhi-Ambedkar debate on caste system in India.

c) What are the challenges of Enlightenment? Discuss.

d) Discuss the role of Ramaswami Periyar and Narayana Guru in shaping the worldview. 10 4. Answer any four questions in about 150 words each.

a) Differentiate between Ritual Inversion and Ritual Affirmation.  

b) How is luminal situation related to normlessness?

c) Describe Drumming as a tool for liberation in Dalit world-view.  

d) How Dalit world-view understand Body? Explain.

e) “Caste is a division of laborer, not the division of labor.” Explain.

f) What are the Dalit expressions of self-assertion? Explain.

5. Write short notes on any five in about 100 words each.

a) The dalit freedom network

b) Paraiyattam

c) Chakalatwam 

d) Sramana Tradition

e) Untouchability

f) Exclusion

g) Socio-religious revolution of Tamil Siddhas  

h) Saktism