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MAN 001 SOCIAL ANTHROPOLOGY Solved Assignment 2020-21


Solved Assignment 2020-21

MAN 001 SOCIAL ANTHROPOLOGY Solved Assignment 2020-21 You can find solution to MA, ignou Assignment. Various ignou based services are also available here. You can enjoy our interesting blogs. However, solutions to IGNOU assignments produced are mostly reproduced from study material. Although some of the answer are taken from a highly reliable source. You can find the quality of the answer is very genuine. 

MAN 001 Solved Assignment 2020-21 We have covered all the points as given by IGNOU in its study material and we also added some of the highly reliable points wherever required.

MAN 001 SOCIAL ANTHROPOLOGY Solved Assignment 2020-21 Guys its our request to you all please share the marks awarded to you with solutions provided by us so we can show them as an appreciation from you guys. So message us your marks

Total Marks: 100

Note: There are two sections ‘A’ and ‘B’. Attempt five questions and at least two questions from each section. All questions carry equal marks. The word limit for 20 marks is 500 words and for 10 marks is 250 words.


1. Discuss the history and growth of social anthropology as a subject. Describe the scope of social anthropology

2. “Culture is the man-made part of the environment”. Discuss this statement with suitable examples to show the relation between society, culture and environment.

3. Discuss the thesis of Neo-Functionalism.

4. Discuss anthropological approach to the study culture and personality with reference to Margaret Mead and Ruth Benedict’s work.

5. Write short notes:

a. Sanskritisation

b. Post Modernism


6. Describe marriage. Discuss the different types of marriages prevalent in different societies.

7. What is the genealogical method? Using the method trace your genealogy upto your maternal grandmother.

8. Discuss the concept of reciprocity in non-market economies with suitable examples.

9. Discuss the concept of rituals with reference to Victor Turner and van Gennep’s work.

10. Write short notes:

a. Rites de Passage

b. Shifting cultivation


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