Thursday, October 8, 2020

MSWE 003 DISASTER MANAGEMENT December 2017 Question Paper



December 2017 Question Paper

Time : 3 hours Maximum Marks : 100

Note : (i) Attempt all five questions. (ii) All questions carry equal marks. (iii) Answer to question no. 1 and 2 should not exceed 600 words each.

1. Explain 'Disaster Release Model'.


What is the framework of disaster management plan ? Explain.

2. Describe the causes of epidemics after natural disasters.


How would you assess the affected population in a disaster ?

3. Answer any two of the following questions in about 300 words each :

(a) Discuss the causes and consequences of industrial disaster.

(b) Enlist the basic features of early warning of disaster.

(c) What is an Incident action plan and why do we need it ?

(d) Highlight the important features of a disaster recovery plan.

4. Answer any four of the following questions in about 150 words each :

(a) What was the idea behind the proclamation of IDNDR ? What were its main objectives ?

(b) List out the ways in which gender can be mainstreamed in early warning and evacuation during disasters.

(c) Write three criteria for successful mass casualty management.

(d) Enumerate the important aspects of pre-disaster recovery plan.

(e) Discuss about the flood problems in India. How to reduce the risk of flood disasters.

(f) Explain the role played by gender in the management of disasters.

 5. Write short notes on any five of the following questions in about 100 words each :

(a) Terrorism

(b) Nuclear disasters  

(c) Non-structural Mitigation

(d) Tsunami Warning System in India  

(e) Calamity Relief Fund

(f) Incident Action Plan

(g) Disaster Management Cycle  

(h) Psycho-social effect of disaster on adolescents.