Sunday, October 18, 2020

IB0 03 INDIA'S FOREIGN TRADE June 2015 Question Paper



June 2015 Question Paper

Time : 3 Hours

Note : Attempt any five questions. All questions carry equal marks.

1. What factors have contributed to the spurt in India's Exports ? Discuss the government Exim Policy measures which have helped in growth of India's Exports.

2. What are the measures taken by the Government of India to promote agricultural exports ? What strategies would you suggest to realize full export potential of the Agricultural Sector ?

3. What are the prospects of Indian electronic goods in the world market ? Evaluate India's competitive advantages in export of electronic goods.

4. What are the objectives of the SAARC and SAFTA ? Examine India-SAARC trade prospects

5. What is the rationale behind the liberalization of Foreign Direct Investment Policy in India ? What is the likely impact of this policy on the Indian economy ? Discuss with examples.

6. Discuss the significance of European Union as a market for India's exports. What measures would you suggest at the corporate and government levels to promote exports to this market ?

7. Outline the trends in leather exports from India. Discuss the policies and strategies adopted to boost leather exports from India.

8. Write short notes on any two of the following :

(a) Flexible Exchange Rates

(b) Regulatory Framework for Exports

(c) India-CIS Trade Relations

(d) India's Competitive Advantage in export of services