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Applied Theory for UGC NET


Applied Theory for UGC NET

  • Applied Theory: Detail study of Sangeet Utpatti; Musical scales (Indian and western); Detail study of Gram, Murchchhana and Chatussarna; Jaati Lakshana, Jaati Bhed, concept of Raag, Raag-Lakshan. 
  • Classification of Raag: 1) Gram Raag and Deshi Raag Classification 2) Male Raag classification 3) Thaat Raag classification 4) Shuddha, Chhayalag and Sankeerna Raag classification 5) Raag-Raagini classification 6) Raagang classification; Time theory of Raagas; Placement of shuddha and vikrit swaras on shruties in Ancient, Medieval and Modern Period; Description of popular Raagas and Taalas; 
  • Notation systems of Hindustani, Karnataka and Western Music; Merits and demerits of a vocalist (Gayak); Remix, Fusion, Orchestra, Coir and Acoustic; Comparative studies of Hindustani and Karnatak Swaras and Taalas; Karnatak names of Popular Hindustani Ragas; Knowledge of different Layakaaries such as dugun, Tigun, Chaugun, Aad, Kuad and Viaad.

 UGC NET Exam are going to be conducted in online mode consisting of two papers, Paper-1 and Paper-2. supported the topic selected by the candidate, Paper-2 will contains 100 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) of two marks each.


UGC NET Music Books, Study Material & Free Notes

There are many study material for politics out there, but practicing the simplest UGC NET Study Material designed by Experts are going to be the last word guide for clearing UGC NET Exam.Because of our expertise in NET, Senrig is one among the foremost reputed study platforms for UGC NET Preparation.

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Applied Theory for UGC NET

The way to Crack UGC NET Music Exam? Get the Success Mantras!

APPLIED THEORY for UGC NET Here, we are getting to provide you the simplest Mantras to attain well in 2020. aside from UGC NET music Study Material, We will provide you each possible guidance for National Eligibility Test.

APPLIED THEORY for UGC NET So, here are the Ten Best Preparation Tips for UGC NET politics Exam: -

Always keep yourself updated with UGC NET Notification & Latest News. Deeply undergo the Syllabus and Exam Pattern of UGC NET politics and make a time-table for a minimum of 100 days.

Since the syllabus is large , dividing the syllabus on a weekly basis are going to be the simplest thanks to reduce the burden. After browsing the entire syllabus, make lists of topics you're comfortable with and therefore the topics you think that will need more attention. Divide the time accordingly. consistent with the experts, flowcharts are very efficient in learning something. Using them in your preparation are going to be one among the simplest choices for reaching bent your goal. Mark a minimum of at some point every week for practicing questions.    APPLIED THEORY  for UGC NET Practicing questions are going to be the simplest thanks to analyze your preparation and spotting your weak areas.

 Practicing UGC NET Previous Year Papers is mandatory if you're serious about your preparations. you'll even have a thought about the sort of questions asked within the exam, also you'll step up your confidence.

 Don’t get demotivated if you're facing difficulty in solving questions otherwise you aren't getting an honest result. Failure may be a a part of your road to success. So, always be motivated to perform better by learning from your failures.

 Post solving previous years papers, check your answers with UGC NET Answer Key to research what proportion marks you bagged up during this self-evaluation test.

   APPLIED THEORY  for UGC NET it's very crucial to periodically assign weeks for your revision part. Summarizing your notes will assist you to revise more quickly.

Take help from your subject teachers to clear the doubts and ideas regarding any topic.