Thursday, September 17, 2020



Peripeteia, may be a sudden change during a story which ends up during a negative reversal of circumstances.

Peripeteia, is additionally referred to as the turning point, the place during which the tragic protagonist’s fortune changes from good to bad. Peripeteia, This literary device is supposed to surprise the audience, but is additionally meant to follow as a results of a character’s previous actions or mistakes.

What is Peripetia?

Peripeteia, consistent with Aristotle, peripeteia is that the single most vital and powerful element of plot during a tragedy. Peripeteia is supposed to cause fear and pity within the audience upon witnessing the tragic twist of fate which abruptly ruins the lifetime of the protagonist.

Peripeteia, provides plays, poems, novels, movies, and tv shows with a dark moment when the plot twists and therefore the protagonist’s life changes forever. Whether the change is from wealth to poverty, safety to danger, or good to evil, peripeteia leaves the audience feeling dismayed, sad, and shocked.

Peripeteia, As such, peripeteia is that the most crucial and striking element of the tragic plot. Peripeteia may be a common element of dark and tragic films and tv shows, as protagonists are struck with tragic misfortune very similar to the classic tragic plays.