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MEG 10 ENGLISH STUDIES IN INDIA Question Paper December 2017



Question Paper December 2017


Time : 3 hours                                                                                        Maximum Marks : 100

Note : Attempt five questions in all. All questions carry equal marks. Attempt one question from Section A, three questions from Section B and one question from Section C.


Attempt any one question from this section.

1. Write an essay on the orientalist position vis-a-vis Indian education prior to the introduction of English in India.

2. "English has changed from a language of the colonial masters to a language of the privileged in India today." Do you agree ? Give reasons to support your answer.

3. Discuss the various phases that marked the introduction of English Studies in India between

4. Did the Hindu College, Calcutta have a role to play in the propagation of English Studies in India ? Explain.


Attempt any three questions from this section.

5. Examine Toni Dutt's contribution to women's writing in India.

6. Discuss the contribution of Michael Madhusudan Dutt to the rise of Indian English Literature.

7. In Bankim's Rajmohan's Wife, we see a critique of nineteenth century culture in India. Discuss.

8. Bring out the link between language teaching and the study of literary texts.

9. India is a multilingual society. Given this background, does English still have a secure future in the country ? Discuss.

10. Comment on the role of publishing houses in promoting English in India.


Attempt any one question from this section.

11. Do the contributions of F.R. Leavis and C.S. Lewis to the making of a literary canon, differ ? Give a reasoned answer.

12. Critically examine the new radical canon emerging from the writings of Tagore, Premchand and Mulk Raj Anand.

13. English Literature studies dominate the cultural space in post-Independence India. Comment.

14. Discuss and critique the various domains of English in post-Independence India.