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MEG 06 AMERICAN LITERATURE Question Paper December, 2016



Question Paper December, 2016


Time : 3 hours                                                                                      Maximum Marks : 100

Note : Attempt five questions in all. Question no. 1 is compulsory. All questions carry equal marks.

1. Bring out the major guidelines/framework of the literary theory of the Puritans.  

2. Attempt a critical evaluation of American Prose around the Civil War.

3. Write an essay on Mark Twain's art of characterization in 'Huckleberry Finn'

4. 'Death of a Salesman' perfects the genre of realistic tragedy that began with Eugene O'Neill. Comment.

5. The Bean' is central to understanding Faulkner's attitudes towards the land, the Negro, and the South. Do you agree ?

6. Discuss the theme of racism in "rhe Bluest Eye'.

7. Discuss Walt Whitman as a representative poet of the American Renaissance. Support your answer with instances from the poems prescribed in your course.

 8. Contextualize the modern American Poetry in its abiding concerns.