Sunday, September 13, 2020

MEG 03 BRITISH NOVEL Question Paper December 2015



Question Paper December 2015

Time : 3 hours Maximum Marks : 100

Note : Attempt any five questions. All questions carry equal marks.

1. How does Henry Fielding realistically mirror the 18thcentury society in Tom Jones ?

2. Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice successfully presents a world of domestic and social comedy. Comment.

3. Discuss Wuthering Heights as a novel of passion and revenge.  

4. Justify the title, "Great Expectations".

5. Discuss how George Eliot constructs a web-like overlapping between the domestic front and the public sphere.  

6. Show how Marlowe's The Heart of Darkness is a journey into the inner recesses of the human heart of darkness.  

7. Discuss the narrative technique in James Joyce's prescribed novel.

8. A Passage to India is a complex and layered interface between the rulers and the ruled. Discuss.

9. Discuss the various elements of Modernism in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie.