Saturday, September 12, 2020

MEG 01 BRITISH POETRY Question Paper December 2014


Question Paper December 2014

Time : 3 hours Maximum Marks : 100

Note : Answer question no. 1 and any four from the remaining ones.

1. Explain with critical comments any two of the following passages with reference to their contents :

(a) Such wilt thou be to mee, who must Like th' other foot, obliquely runne; Thy firmness makes my circle just, And makes me end, where I begunne.

(b) Where was heard the mingled measure From the fountain and the caves. It was a miracle of rare device, A sunny pleasure-dome with caves of ice !

(c) She was the Goddess of the infant world, By her in stature the tall Amazon Had stood a pigmy's height, she would have ta'en Achilles by the hair and bent his neck.

(d) What, 'tis past midnight, and you go the round And here you catch me at an alley's end Where sportive ladies leave their doors ajar ?

2. Discuss Milton as a sonneteer.

3. Consider Herbert as a religious poet.

4. Make a critical analysis of The Prelude, Book I by Wordsworth.

5. Examine Dylan Thomas's use of images.

6. Critically discuss Augustan Satire with special references to John Dryden and Alexander Pope.

7. Consider the sympathies Oscar Wilde seeks to arouse in 'The Ballad of Reading Gaol'.

8. Attempt a critical evaluation of 'Easter 1916' by W.B. Yeats.