Friday, September 18, 2020

Humour in “The Other Woman”

 Humour in “The Other Woman”

Humour in “The Other Woman”, Nick Cassavetes hasn’t exactly made his name with laugh riots. Humour in “The Other Woman”, The son of John Cassavetes, he’s probably best known for guiding such weepy melodramas because the massively successful "The Notebook" (2004) also as "My Sister’s Keeper" (2009), during which adorable Abigail Breslin seeks emancipation from her parents so she not has got to help keep her leukemia-stricken sister alive.

Humour in “The Other Woman”

Humour in “The Other Woman”, (Bring tissues.) So it’s surprising that "The Other Woman" is indeed as funny because it is—at least, in sporadic spurts. Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann enjoy some sparky chemistry because the mistress and wife who discover they’re both crazy with an equivalent man.

Humour in “The Other Woman”, Trouble is, Cassavetes—working from a script by Melissa K. Stack—veers wildly between cautionary tale, revenge comedy, scatological raunchfest and feminine empowerment drama.

Humour in “The Other Woman”, Its trio of wronged women banding together and seeking redemption frequently calls to mind "The First Wives Club," which was similarly uneven in its zingy one-liners and contrived plot points.

But "The Other Woman" is like another movie which also happened to return call at 1996: the made-for-TV true story "Frequent Flyer," Humour in “The Other Woman”, starring Jack Wagner as a romantic rogue of an airline pilot who’s married to different women in three different cities.