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MEG 05 LITERARY CRITICISM AND THEORY Question Paper December 2014


 Question Paper  December 2014


            Time : 3 hours                                                             Maximum Marks : 100

Note : Attempt question no. 1 and any four from the remaining questions.

1. Write short notes on any two of the following :

(a) Catharsis

(b) Myth

(c) Poetic diction

(d) Superstructure

(e) Individual talent

(f) Gender

2. For Plato, the term 'imitation' (mimesis) carries a negative connotation : to imitate is to produce a copy, a version that is less than the original. Comment.

3. Discuss Coleridge's theory of 'Imagination'.

4. "Writers are unable to see the truth about their societies because they are caught up in the 'false consciousness' of ideology." Examine the statement in the context of the Marxist view of literature.

5. Write a critical note on "The Death of the Author".

6. In placing woman as the 'other' of man, Simone de Beauvoir critically examines the issue of `alterity' in the context of women's identity. Substantiate your answer with reference to Beauvoir's The Second Sex.

7. "The general characteristics of reading in post-colonial criticism is that a text is 'read back' from the perspective of the colonized." Comment critically on the statement.

8. Explain the concept of a structure and discuss the notion of a stable centre.