Friday, September 18, 2020

A critical appreciation of Night of the Scorpion

 A critical appreciation of 

“Night of the Scorpion”

Critical Appreciation Of “Night Of The Scorpion, In "Night of the Scorpion," the speaker tells a story from his childhood in which his mother was bitten by a scorpion. The poem begins with a simple declaration: Critical Appreciation Of “Night Of The Scorpion,"I remember the night my mother / was stung by a scorpion". The scorpion had entered the speaker's home because it wanted to hide from the rain. When it bit the speaker's mother, it was hiding beneath a sack of rice.

Attempt a critical appreciation of   “Night of the Scorpion”

The speaker describes the incident in which the scorpion stings his mother without mentioning his mother at all. Instead, he focuses on the scorpion and what he did immediately afterward: "Parting with his poison—flash / of diabolic tail in the dark room— / he risked the rain again". Critical Appreciation Of “Night Of The Scorpion, Rather than stick around and look at the scene he had caused, the scorpion ran back outdoors.

Critical Appreciation Of “Night Of The Scorpion,After the speaker's mother was bitten, the speaker notes that poor people went to his mother's side "like swarms of flies," buzzing with Christianity and hoping to kill one of their visions of Satan. Critical Appreciation Of “Night Of The Scorpion, The peasants look for the scorpion on their hands and knees with lanterns.

Their wish is to find the scorpion quickly because they believe that every movement the scorpion makes without getting killed affects the speaker's mother: "With every movement that the scorpion made his poison moved in Mother's / blood, they said".

Critical Appreciation Of “Night Of The Scorpion,The peasants begin to share good wishes for the speaker's mother, hoping that the scorpion will die that night, or at least sit still, that the sins of her past life will be burned away, and that she may return to an even better life in her next life because of her suffering.