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AMK 01 Solved assignment 2020-21


Solved assignment 2020-21

Course Code                                           :                                AMK – 01

Course Title                                            :                                Marketing

Assignment Code                                   :                                AMK – 01/TMA/2019-20

Coverage                                                 :                                All Blocks

Maximum Marks: 100

Attempt all the questions.

1. “Consumer is always a rational human being. Hence economic basis for segmentation is the most appropriate method.” Do you agree with this statement? Give reasons.  

2. What is the relationship between product item, product line and product mix? Explain various product line and product mix strategies suitable for consumer goods.  

3. An Indian pharmaceutical company invented vaccine for cancer. As the marketing manager of that company, discuss various approaches for pricing this new product. Decide which of them is more appropriate for pricing this vaccine and give reasons in support of your decision.

4. Explain various approaches available to marketers with regard to intensity of distribution. In your opinion, which of them is appropriate for the distribution of the following products? Give reasons for your choice.

(i) Soft drink

(ii) Lap Top

(iii) Sports car

5. As the marketing manager of a sports shoes company, Explain various factors you will keep in mind while deciding the promotion mix for your company.

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