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TS 1 FOUNDATION COURSE IN TOURISM Solved assignment 2020-21


Solved assignment 2020-21

 Marks: 100                                                                                              Assignment Code: TS1/TMA/2020  

Note: This TMA consists of ten questions, out of which you have to attempt any five. The question carries 20 marks each and should be answered in about 600 words each. Send your TMA to the Coordinator of your Study Centre.

Q1. Define the concept of tourism. Elaborate the various tourism products and services involved in tourism industry.
Q2. Explain different sources of data for the history of tourism and their relevance to the tourism industry.  

Q3. Discuss the primary and secondary constituents of tourism industry.

Q4. Write a detailed note on role of transport in tourism.

Q5. What do you understand by travel agency? Explain its operations in detail.

Q6. What are various “environmental concerns” in relation to India’s biodiversity and geography?

Q7. Write short notes on the following:  

a. Alternative Tourism

b. Street Guide

c. Silk Route

d. Grand Tour

Q8. Who is a Guide? What are the leadership qualities that a guide should posses?  

Q9. Define infrastructure. Explain the role of Public and Private sector in the area of infrastructure.

Q10. What do you understand by threats and obstacles to tourism? Explain with the help of examples.

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