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MSOE 001 Sociology of Education Solved Assignment

  MSOE 001 Sociology of Education  

Solved Assignment

Weightage: 30%                                                                                  Course Code: MSOE-001

                                                                   Assignment Code: MSOE-001/AST/TMA/2019-20

Answer five questions worth 100 marks from Sections 1 and 2. Attempt at least two questions from each section.

Section 1

Answer at least two questions in about 500 words each from this section. Marks

1. Critically discuss Basil Bernstein’s contribution to the theory of education with special reference to speech patterns.

2. Compare the functionalist and conflict approaches to the study of education.

3. Discuss the scope of the policy of positive discrimination and affirmative action in bringing the marginalized people into the mainstream.

4. Discuss the role of intellectuals in society with reference to the viewpoint of Antonio Gramsci.

5. What do you understand by ‘Human Development’? In what way have the international agencies employed education for human development?  

Section 2

Answer at least two questions in about 500 words each from this section.

6. What do you understand by multicultural curriculum? Substantiate your answer with an example.

7. Discuss the role of distance education in teacher training at the primary level.  

8. What are the significant implications of treating higher education as a global services market through GATS?

9. ‘Education is a commodity for sale”. Critically discuss.  

10. Elucidate the need for the involvement of the private sector in professional education.

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