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IGNOU MSW Scope, Job Opportunities after IGNOU MSW

IGNOU MSW Scope, Job Opportunities after IGNOU MSW
IGNOU MSW Scope Masters in Social Work (MSW) may be a postgraduate course that uses social sciences, sociology, psychology, politics , public health, community development, law, and economics to unravel problems at individual and community levels. It encompasses 14 subjects that there are annual exams.
Job opportunities after completing MSW from IGNOU – Social Welfare Work is a tutorial discipline of Social Sciences during which the most focus is to enhance the social organization of society.
A caseworker works with individuals, families and communities to affect issues like poverty, unemployment and education.
Involvement in various activities including counselling, teaching, interpersonal problems, community development, helping the physically or mentally challenged, etc.

Masters in Social Work or MSW may be a two-year duration postgraduate course in welfare work . Students enrolled in an MSW programme are trained to assist people overcome problems in their lives. they're prepared for welfare work positions in local, state and national governments, also as NGOs. Earlier, no professional degree was required for welfare work . However, in current times the sector requires well-trained and skilled professionals.
There are many universities in India which supply MSW course. The course is out there for college kids in both full-time and part-time (distance learning) mode. Students willing to secure MSW degree through distance learning can prefer to pursue the course from one among the most important and most reputed open universities in India – IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University).


IGNOU MSW Scope offered at IGNOU is of minimum two years duration which will be completed by candidates during a maximum time of 5 years. All candidates with a bachelor’s or a better degree from any recognised university are eligible to use for the course at IGNOU. Once candidates secure admission at IGNOU in MSW programme they're given indigenously prepared elaborated self-instructional print materials. The print materials also are supported with various audio also as video programmes to assist candidates get a grasp of various topics well.
Apart from theoretical part, MSW from IGNOU also offers students relevant practical experience within the sort of internship. The internship is typically of 90 days duration.

IGNOU MSW Scope, Job Opportunities after IGNOU MSW

MSW Placements through IGNOU

Once candidates obtain their MSW degree from IGNOU they will avail job opportunities in both public also as private sectors. Opportunities in government sector are mainly in community development projects associated with education, health, rural development, child welfare, women rights, etc. privately or corporate sector, candidates may find jobs in privately-owned NGOs or child welfare and family service agencies mainly providing mental, health and academic services.
IGNOU MSW Scope features a campus placement cell (CPC) through which it conducts placement drives from time to time to assist candidates avail lucrative jobs associated with welfare work . All candidates curious about getting placed through IGNOU CPC can fill the registration form available on the official website of the university. Steps to register for IGNOU placements are given below:
Job Opportunities for IGNOU MSW
  1. IGNOU MSW Scope After completing MSW from IGNOU candidates can prefer to add various fields as per their specialisation. Candidates with a specialisation in medical field can add hospitals, nursing homes also as rehabilitation centres.
  2. Candidates who wish to figure towards the explanation for drug abuse can prefer to work on places like prisons, NGOs and rehabilitation centres. Social workers specialised in drug abuse work towards the treatment of individuals hooked in to drugs and other negative emotions like anger and grief.
  3. Interested candidates also can work towards the betterment of individuals affected by some quite mental or psychiatric illness. Such candidates can add mental hospitals, community health centers, charitable trusts for psychological state , etc.
  4. MSW degree holders also can work for various child welfare organisations that employment towards improving lives of youngsters neglected by parents or those that belong to low-income families.
  5. Social workers with a degree in MSW from IGNOU also can find jobs during a welfare work school. during a welfare work school, candidates can work as counsellors and supply guidance to students on issues associated with sex education, health education, psychotherapy , communication between teachers, parents and students, etc.
  6. Candidates who wish to be self-employed can choose establish their own NGO, adulthood home or other related clinics.

IGNOU MSW Application Process

IGNOU offers admission to MSW courses on basis of percentage scored in bachelor degree. the appliance procedure is online and one can get admission through online mode only.

Application steps in IGNOU MSW Courses
  • Visit the IGNOU Website.
  • Fill the shape for brand spanking new registration if you're not a registered candidate.
  • Select your course, and write its Course ID.
  • Next, click on “Application”
  • Fill the shape for the candidate’s application.
  • Pay the course fees for one year.
  • Upload the specified documents.
  • Click on the submit button.
  • Your application is provisionally accepted.
  • Note: After verifying all the small print , and documents, your application are going to be finally accepted by the authorities and your admission are going to be confirmed.

IGNOU MSW Program Structure
IGNOU MSW Scope The University follows the system for its Master’s Degree Programme. Each credit amounts to 30 hours of study comprising all learning activities. Thus, a 4 credit course involves 120 study hours, a 6 credit course involves 180 study hours and 10 credit course involves 300 study hours. To successfully complete the MSW program, you'll need to earn 66 credits over a period of two to five years counting on your convenience.

IGNOU MSW Study Material
IGNOU MSW Scope Study material are dispatched before the assignment submit date. One can prefer to choose online or offline study material. One can study from online sources till the time offline material is dispatched. But if you're choosing offline study material, you would like to pay at the time of entrance fee .