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IGNOU MPS 04 Study Material : Comparative Politics: Issues and Trends

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IGNOU MPS 04 Study Material 2020-21

Myexamsolution.com always recommend its candidates to first undergo the Study Material properly and analysis their respective course details before they begin with their studies. IGNOU MPS 04 Therefore, we had uploaded IGNOU Study Material structure for all the IGNOU courses which are offered by the university on this portal itself. This page will provide you with important information on every course of their programme. Once you get to understand your IGNOU Study Material, it might be beneficial for you to understand about your syllabus, assignment & their solution also . you'll be ready to carry each material once you'll get to understand about your IGNOU Study Material.

IGNOU MPS 04 Comparative Politics: Issues and Trends

  • Unit-01   Comparative Politics: Nature,Significance and Evolution
  • Unit-02   Comparative Approaches and Methods: System, Structural, Public Policy
  • Unit-03   Comparative Approaches: Political Economy, Dependency and World Systems
  • Unit-04   Theories of State
  • Unit-05    State in Developing Societies: Asian, African and Latin American Experiences
  • Unit-06    Civil Society and the State
  • Unit-07    Globalisation and the State
  • Unit-08    Regional Integration and State
  • Unit-09    International Organisation and State
  • Unit-10    Transnational/Multinational Corporations and State
  • Unit-11    Nationalism: Approaches
  • Unit-12    Forms Of Nationalism
  • Unit-13    Colonialism and Anti-Colonial Struggles
  • Unit-14    Nationality and Self-Determination
  • Unit-15    State Building And Constitutionalism


  • Unit-16    Ethnicity Politics And State
  • Unit-17    Politics of Community Identities
  • Unit-18    Ethnic Movements
  • Unit-19    Political Regimes
  • Unit-20    Bureaucracy
  • Unit-21    Military In Politics
  • Unit-22    Federalism: Patterns and Trends
  • Unit-23    Parties and Party Systems
  • Unit-24    Interest Groups, Pressure Groups and Lobbying
  • Unit-25    Poverty and Human Development
  • Unit-26    Gender and Development
  • Unit-27    Environment
  • Unit-28    Science, Technology and Politics
  • Unit-29    Decentralisation and Participation
  • Unit-30    Human Rights

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