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IGNOU MEG 12 Study Material 2020-21 : A Survey Course in 20th Century Canadian Literature

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Programme Name:
Master of Arts English
Programme Code:
MEG 12

IGNOU MEG 12 Study Material 2020-21 always recommend its candidates to first undergo the Study Material properly and analysis their respective course details before they begin with their studies. IGNOU MEG 12 Therefore, we had uploaded IGNOU Study Material structure for all the IGNOU courses which are offered by the university on this portal itself. This page will provide you with important information on every course of their programme. Once you get to understand your IGNOU Study Material, it might be beneficial for you to understand about your syllabus, assignment & their solution also . you'll be ready to carry each material once you'll get to understand about your IGNOU Study Material.

IGNOU MEG 12 A Survey Course in 20th Century Canadian Literature

Block-1 Contexts of Canadian Writing
  • Unit-1 Canada: Land and People
  • Unit-2 Literary Beginnings
  • Unit-3 English Canadian Theatre and Drama: Its Evolution
  • Unit-4 Canadian Discourse on Nature and Technology

Block-2 Recent Canadian Poetry
  • Unit-5 The Growth of Canadian Poetry
  • Unit-6 Recent Commonwealth Poetry and Canada's Place in It
  • Unit-7 Two Major Novelists as Poets
  • Unit-8 Five Other Important Poets 

Block-3 Surfacing
  • Unit-9 Development of the Canadian Novel
  • Unit-10  Margaret Atwood: Life and Works
  • Unit-11 Surfacing: Theme, Structure, Technique and Characterisation
  • Unit-12  Surfacing: Language

Block-4 The Tin Flute (Novel)
  • Unit-13 French Canadian Writing (Quebec)
  • Unit-14 Gabrielle Roy: Life and Works
  • Unit-15 The Tin Flute: Structure and Theme
  • Unit-16 The Tin Flute: Characterisation and Technique

Block-5 The English Patient
  • Unit-17 Canadian-South Asian Diasporic Writing
  • Unit-18 Ondaatje: Life and Works
  • Unit-19 The English Patient: Theme, Structure and Characterisation
  • Unit-20 The English Patient: Technique

Block-6 Canadian Short Story
  • Unit-21 Short Fiction in General and the Canadian Short Story
  • Unit-22 'A Mother in India': Sara Jeannette Duncan
  • Unit-23 'Sunday Afternoon': Alice Munro; 'Where is the Voice Coming  From' Rudy Wiebe
  • Unit-24 'Swimming Lessons' Rohinton Mistry; 'The Door is Shut    Behind Me': Uma Parameswaran

Block-7 The Ecstasy of Rita Joe: Drama
  • Unit-25 Canadian Drama: The General Dramatic Scene
  • Unit-26 Introduction to Writer and the Structure of the Play
  • Unit-27 The Ecstasy of Rita Joe: Theme and Characterisation
  • Unit-28 Dramatic Technique in the Ecstasy of Rita Joe and the   Brechtian Angle

Block-8 Development of Canadian Criticism
  • Unit-29 The Recent Development of Canadian Criticism
  • Unit-30 Northrop Frye
  • Unit-31 Linda Hutcheon
  • Unit-32 Smaro Kamboureli 

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