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MEG 04 Aspects of Language Syllabus PDF Notes : IGNOU Help Book

MEG 04 Aspects of Language Syllabus

Chapter- 1 What is Language?
Unit-1 The Nature of Language
Unit-2 Looking at Data-1
Unit-3 Looking at Data-2
Unit-4 Language and Thought

Chapter- 2 History of English Language

Unit-1 An Introduction
Unit-2 Changes in Sounds and Spelling
Unit-3 Changes in Vocabulary
Unit-4 Changes in Grammar

Chapter- 3 English Phonetics and Phonology
Unit-1 The Speech Mechanism
Unit-2 The Description and Classification of Consonants and Vowels
Unit-3 Phonetic Transcription and Phonology
Unit-4 The Consonants of English
Unit-5 The Vowels of English (R.P.)
Unit-6 Word Accent, Stress and Rhythm in Connected Speech
Unit-7 Intonation

Chapter- 4 English Morphology

Unit-1 The Study of Words
Unit-2 Word-formation in English-1
Unit-3 Word-formation in English-2
Unit-4 Word-formation in English-3

Chapter- 5 English Syntax
Unit-1 Basic Notions of Syntactic Constituents and Phrase Structure
Unit-2 Types of Clauses and Sentences
Unit-3 Grammatical Functions, Cases, and Thematic Roles
Unit-4 Thy Syntax of Inflectional Elements: Tense & Agreement
Unit-5 Pronouns, Reflexives, and Other Bound Elements
Unit-6 Syntax of Scope: Adverbs, Quantifiers, and Negation
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Chapter- 6 Language in Use-1
Unit-1 Introduction to Sociolinguistics
Unit-2 Speech Community and Multilingualism
Unit-3 Bilingualism
Unit-4 Language Standardization

Chapter- 7 Language in Use-2

Unit-1 Multilingual Use of Codes
Unit-2 Language Planning
Unit-3 Conversational Analysis
Unit-4 Learner Factors in Second Languages Acquisition-1
Unit-5 Learner Factors in Second Languages Acquisition-2

Chapter- 8 The Spread of English

Unit-1 Variation And Varieties
Unit-2 Consolidation and Standardization of English
Unit-3 The Spread and Rise of Englishes
Unit-4 Indian English

Chapter- 9 Stylistics

Unit-1 Language Variation: The Context of Situation
Unit-2 The Connection between Linguistics, Literary Criticism and Stylistics
Unit-3 Style and Content
Unit-4 Analysing Texts-I
Unit-5 Analysing Texts-II
Unit-6 Analysing Texts-III