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IGNOU Assignment Last Date for JUNE 2020

IGNOU Assignment Last Date : All the Regional Directors of IGNOU are requested by the University to display the knowledge on their websites and see Boards of the Regional Centres. The Regional Centres of IGNOU shall also write to the respective Study Centres to display the knowledge on their Notice Boards also . they need also been asked to form the specified announcements during the Counselling Sessions.

The Tutor marked assignments constitute 30% of the entire marks for any course which needs the assignment submission. remainder of 70% marks are contributed by theory marks.So, the solved assignment is a crucial component within the Ignou studies.
The university provides the Ignou assignment front page within the assignment question booklet. it's to be attached within the front of solved assignment before submission. Students need to submit the Ignou Solved assignments in their respective Study Centres before the last date of submission.

If students are submitting the assignment first time,the student must remember , which detail is compulsory to fill within the assignment front page, you'll Check Below the small print .

NOTE : All students of BCA(Pre-Revised) who must submit assignments should download old assignments of the respective course of 2012 available above and submit at the concerned study center. The last dates are going to be 30th April and 30th October of each year until their registration is valid. New assignments won't be available any longer for BCA(Pre-Revised) students as BCA was revised.

31-Mar-2020 : If you're getting to appear in JUNE 2020 Exam.
30-Sep-2020 : if you're getting to appear in DEC 2020 Exam

·         Follow these simple steps to see IGNOU 2019-20 assignment status:
·         Visit the official website of IGNOU at or click here. you'll also visit the IGNOU assignment 2019 page click here.
·         Select Assignment option and refill the specified information including your 9 digit enrollment number and your Programme code.

·         After you submit the detail your status information will open during a new tab.
·         You can print out the status result for your future reference.

2. What to try to to if IGNOU Assignment Status shows ‘Not found’?
Don’t panic if your IGNOU Assignment Status show “Not Found”. It takes time to urge updated on their website after you submit your IGNOU Assignment. Sometimes it takes 3 or 4 Months to urge updated before your TEE examination. If it takes longer period to urge updated you'll contact regional IGNOU centre and show them your receipt signed by HOD as evidence of your submission.

Free Download IGNOU MEG Assignments

3. The way to Submit the IGNOU Assignments?
·         Don’t take much stress about your assignment submission! Submit your IGNOU Assignment easy:
·         You need to download the assignment of the present your “IGNOU Assignment 2019-20” from the web site . to go to IGNOU Assignment 2019-20 page click here.
·         The assignment of current session IGNOU Assignment 2019-20 generally gets released within the month of December 2019. Candidates are required to see their date of submission which is possibly within the month of September 2020.

·         You are required to download the question paper of every course from the page.
·         The IGNOU assignment should be handwritten. Be punctual and complete your assignment before the submission date in order that you get enough time to arrange it properly.
·         You are required to submit the hardcopy of the writing assignment at your regional study centre of IGNOU on or before the deadline.
·         Don’t forget to urge a receipt of your submission signed by the HOD for your reference.

4. What if my IGNOU assignment status shows ‘not submitted?
Relax if your IGNOU assignment status shows “Not Submitted”, we've an answer to your problem! Click here to go to the complaint board page. Your status won’t be displayed soon after your solution. It requires a couple of months to update your assignment status on IGNOU website. you'll also visit your regional IGNOU centre to report your problem to seek out out the status of your assignment.

5. What documents should I possess in support of assignment submission?

You required to possess these documents in support of IGNOU assignment 2019-20 submission. Candidates are required to supply this information on the front page of your assignment.
·         Roll number

·         Identity card
·         Address
·         Mobile number (it is optional)
·         Course code
·         Course Title
·         Assignment number
·         Study centre code

·         Date of submission

6. What's the passing marks for IGNOU assignments?
The candidates must secure minimum 40-50% marks out of total 100 marks to pass in IGNOU assignment 2019-20. You overall passing marks depends on Theory and assignment papers. You don’t require to resubmit your assignment to seem re-examination.

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7. What does the assignment status of IGNOU show?
After you submit you IGNOU assignment 2019-20 the status of your IGNOU assignment shall be displayed as marked/ received/accepted/rejected/ not completed or not submitted.

8. what proportion weightage is given to assignments within the computation of ultimate grade?
The IGNOU assignment carries weightage of 30% marks within the computation of ultimate grade. the remainder 70% weightage is calculated from the Term-end theory examination (TEE).

9. Why should I check the IGNOU Assignment status?
It is necessary to finish the procedure of IGNOU assignment submission. you can't be eligible to seem the TEE examination without clearing your IGNOU Assignment. you would like to stay update of your IGNOU Assignment status after completing your submission for ensuring your eligibility to finish the course. just in case the IGNOU Assignment status isn't updated you'll report back to the regional IGNOU centre before your TEE examination. you'll also verify whether you study centre has sent your assignment or not.

10. What to try to to if my IGNOU assignment status 2019 isn't yet updated?
It’s not an enormous issue if your IGNOU Assignment status 2019 isn't yet updated!. It takes minimum 20 to 40 days in every case to update the assignment status within the website. IGNOU takes time to process, check and score your assignment. you'll report back to your nearest IGNOU study centre to verify whether your assignment is shipped by them or not. you'll also show the receipt of your submission signed by the HOD to the course coordinator of your study centre. Don’t be lazy report your issues soon to verify your IGNOU assignment 2019-20