Wednesday, November 20, 2019

meg 03 june 2019 question paper

MEG 03 
JUNE 2019

Q. 1 Discuss the feminist concerns in Tom Jones.
Q. 2 Would it be correct to say that social issues occupy a prominent space in Prideand Prejudice ? Discuss.

Q.3  Comment on Catherine as a subversive heroine in Wuthering Heights.
Q. 4 Analyse the  juxtaposition of crime and respectability in Great Expectations.
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Q. 5 What do you understand by ‘authorial control’ ? How is this evident in Middlemarch ?
Q. 6 Discuss the omniscient point of view in Heart of Darkness.
Q. 7  Discuss the stream of consciousness technique with reference to A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

Q. 8 Write a note on the dominant motifs in A Passage to India.
Q. 9 What are the elements of autobiography in The Prime of Miss Jean Broodie ? Illustrate.