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The Good Women of Setzuan, Summary, Critical Analysis

The Good Women of Setzuan
The Good Women of Setzuan Summary
In The Good Women of Setzuan : The play starts with a monolog by Wong, the water dealer. He discloses to the crowd that he has heard that a couple of the most noteworthy positioning divine beings are headed to the city of Setzuan. They have heard the general population of the world grumbling about existence, so they are coming to manage it. He is holding up at the door of the city to welcome them when they arrive. Before long, the three divine beings show up and Wong remembers them right away. He attempts to discover them a spot to remain, yet everybody continues dismissing them. At last, Shen Te the whore concurs. Before they leave the following morning, she asks them how to carry on with a decent life and still bring home the bacon

they have no answers. She gripes to them that she can't bear to live, so subsequent to consulting with one another, the divine beings choose to give her cash. They clarify they are just paying their "inn bill," and after that they leave.
Scene 1 starts with a monolog by Shen Te, disclosing to the group of spectators that after the divine beings gave her cash, she purchased a tobacco shop from Mrs. Shin. Mrs. Shin enters and requests that Shen Te give her some rice and cash; before the finish of the scene, Shen Te has been made to feel regretful and help a whole family notwithstanding Mrs. Shin. 
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A craftsman enters and requests a hundred silver dollars for the racks he introduced in the shop while Mrs. Shin claimed it. At the point when Shen Te requests that he have tolerance, he begins to take the racks back. The spouse proposes that Shen Te let her "cousin" settle the issue when he arrives, developing the character of Shen Te's cousin on the spot. Mrs. Mi Tzu, the landlord, requests references from Shen Te, and since Shen Te has none, she obliges the spouse's lie about her cousin who does not exist. She names him Shui Ta, and the spouse, husband, and nephew all toll in to help her falsehood. Scene 2 starts with the entry of Shui Ta. It is simply Shen Te masked as a man. The Good Women of Setzuan, He tricks the family that has been remaining in the tobacco shop, despite the fact that they realize they developed this character. He guides them to leave, and deals with the craftsman about the cost of the racks and with Mrs. Mi Tzu about the lease she is requesting.
As Scene 3 starts, Yang Sun, depicted as "a young fellow in clothes," is thinking about balancing himself in a recreation center. He is a jobless pilot. Shen Te enters and notification that he is going to balance himself with a rope. It begins to rain, and Shen Te takes cover under the tree with him; they are quickly charmed by one another. In Scene 3a, Wong is snoozing in the sewer pipe where he lives. The divine beings appear to him and he reports that he has seen Shen Te and that she is still great; she demonstrated it to him when she purchased his water despite the fact that it was drizzling. He tells the divine beings that Shen Te cherishes somebody (probably Yang Sun) and that she is "doing great deeds constantly." However, it is obvious to the divine beings that her great deeds are unsustainable. At the point when Wong educates them regarding her "cousin," Shui Ta, they blow up that he has not paid the woodworker what he owes and state he should never visit Shen Te again The Good Women of Setzuan.

Scene 4 starts with a quarrel between Mr. Shu Fu, the stylist, and Wong, who has been attempting to offer water to Shu Fu's clients. Shu Fu pursues Wong out of his shop and hits his hand with a hot hair curling accessory, consuming it seriously. Numerous individuals witness it, yet when Shen Te returns and approaches in the event that they will be observers for him, they state no. The elderly person who possesses the rug shop nearby with her better half ideas to advance Shen Te 200 silver dollars so she can pay her lease. The Good Women of Setzuan, Mrs. Yang, Yang Sun's mom, enters and discloses to Shen Te that her child has been extended to an employment opportunity from the chief of the landing strip in Peking, yet that he needs to pay 500 silver dollars for it. Shen Te vows to attempt to enable Yang To sun. In Scene 5, Yang Sun enters and connects with Shui Ta, having no clue he is really conversing with his darling, Shen Te. He shows that he has no enthusiasm for Shen Te's money related prosperity or her capacity to pay the old couple back; he simply needs to get to Peking to fly once more. After Shui Ta has consented to sell the tobacco, Yang Sun uncovers that he will likely deceive Shen Te. The Good Women of Setzuan , Mr. Shu Fu enters and reveals to Shui Ta that he might want to offer Shen Te the keep running of certain lodges on his property and different endowments with the goal that she can keep being caring to everybody. Wong and the police officer enter, and Shui Ta double-crosses Wong (however comes clean) in saying that his cousin was absent at the season of the ambush with the hair curler. Yang Sun returns and Shu Fu reveals to him that he and Shen Te are going to report their commitment.
The Good Women of Setzuan, Simply at that point, Shen Te rises up out of the back room. At the point when Yang Sun helps her to remember how he cherishes her, she overlooks the ghastly things he said about her, and consents to wed him. In Scene 5a, Shen Te discloses to the crowd that the elderly person needed to request her 200 silver dollars back, since the tension of having lent them made her significant other sick. She said she would.

The Good Women of Setzuan, Scene 6 is set in "the 'private lounge area' on the upper floor of a shabby eatery in a poor segment of town." Shen Te is there with her wedding visitors. The Good Women of Setzuan, Yang Sun and Mrs. Yang, his mom, are expelled from the group and have a mystery discussion wherein Yang uncovers to his mom that Shen Te has said she can't sell the shop for him as a result of the credit from the old couple; he wouldn't like to wed Shen Te now. Without the remainder of the cash, Yang Sun won't wed her. They choose to sit tight an additional fifteen minutes for Shui Ta. Now, Shen Te discloses to Yang Sun that Shui Ta won't bring the 300 silver dollars, since he revealed to her that Yang Sun purchased just one ticket to Peking, uncovering that she thinks about the discussion he had with her "cousin" the day preceding. Yang Sun demonstrates her two tickets; he reveals to her that they should abandon his mom. Notwithstanding, the wedding has been deferred excessively long and the minister leaves, trailed by the various wedding visitors.
The Good Women of Setzuan , In Scene 6a, the divine beings visit Wong in a fantasy once more, and he requests that they intercede in Shen Te's life. They decline in The Good Women of Setzuan.
As Scene 7 opens, Mrs. Shin and Shen Te are taking the washing off the clothesline. Mr. Shu Fu enters and hands Shen Te a limitless ticket to ride, disclosing that he needs to help her so she can keep being great. Shen Te feels her midsection and understands that she is, indeed, pregnant. Wong enters with one of the craftsman's destitute youngsters. Shen Te uncovers to Wong that she is pregnant, however asks him not to disclose to Yang Sun. The spouse and husband who had recently exploited Shen Te enter hauling tobacco sacks; Shen Te consents to place them in the back room. Shen Te leaves and returns dressed as Shui Ta. The Good Women of Setzuan Shui Ta says that every one of the general population may possibly remain in Shu Fu's lodges on the off chance that they work for Shen Te. Mrs. Mi Tzu enters and Shui Ta reveals to her that he has chosen not to sell the shop all things considered. As Shui Ta drives the gathering of new laborers back to Shu Fu's lodges, Mrs. Shin understands that Shen Te and Shui Ta must be a similar individual. Scene 7a happens in Wong's sewer. He tells the divine beings that he has had a bad dream about Shen Te and requests that they help her, however they reject, saying that aiding Shen Te would just make more issues and would be an excessive amount of work for them The Good Women of Setzuan.
Time has gone before the start of Scene 8; Mrs. Yang uncovers this to the group of spectators, clarifying that Shui Ta has given her child new inspiration and work in the tobacco processing plant. At this point, he has been elevated to foreman. Additional time has gone before Scene 9, and now Shui Ta is very fat (in light of the fact that Shen Te is pregnant). Mrs. Shin discloses to him that the old couple has lost the rug shop in light of the fact that the reimbursement of the 200 silver dollars came past the point of no return. The Good Women of Setzuan , At that point she uncovers to Shui Ta that she realizes he is a similar individual as Shen Te, and that "he" is pregnant in The Good Women of Setzuan.
The Good Women of Setzuan , Wong enters and uncovers that it has been a half year since Shen Te has been at home. Before Yang Sun, he discloses to Shui Ta that Shen Te is pregnant. Shui Ta leaves and Yang Sun expect that Shui Ta has sent his cousin away so Yang Sun would not find her pregnancy. Shui Ta goes into the back room and wails boisterously; Yang Sun catches it and believes that it is Shen Te. This inevitably prompts Shui Ta's capture concerning Shen Te's baffling vanishing. Scene 9a happens in Wong's nook. The divine beings visit him there once and for all; they are unmistakably bothered and exhausted. They set off to discover Shen Te to ensure she remains great. She is their solitary expectation.
Section 10 is set in a court. The police officer presents the judges, who are the three divine beings. After declarations for and against him, Shui Ta starts to collapse and advises the judges to clear the court so he can make an admission. At the point when the court is cleared, Shui Ta uncovers to the divine beings that he remembers them and that he is, truth be told, Shen Te. After she has disclosed why she needed to take these measures, the primary god is willfully ignorant about it. The Good Women of Setzuan , He says that Shen Te is still great, however the other two divine beings demand that he didn't hear a word she said and that he is disregarding the way that she submitted terrible deeds while camouflaged as Shui Ta. The divine beings leave, singing "The Trio of the Vanishing Gods on the Cloud" as Shen Te's weeps for assistance intrude on them.

Brecht included the epilog after the remainder of the play; it very well may be spoken either by Shen Te or by Wong. In the epilog, it is recognized, "A terrible closure was made an oversight on us;" the play has finished with no attractive end and it must disappoint the group of spectators. So the crowd is entreated to "compose the upbeat closure of the play!" They should make sense of for themselves how to accommodate goodness in this present reality where it obviously can't exist The Good Women of Setzuan.
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