Monday, April 8, 2019

How to Write Answer in English Literature

How to write an answer in English Literature
There is a method of writing an answer in English Literature, which will help in any type of question in examination. The master answer for any question
1)  The understanding over the topic
There is good answer method is to understanding of the topic. It is not about the explanation of the Novel or Poem or Short story but to understand the writer and the background of the writers witing of that time.

2)  Framing to the Answer
There you have to frame an answer. It is not about the writing of Summary of any Novel or Poem or any short story.You just have to create a frame work ok of the answer uh it include the close analysis of the the story E and its character analysis themes and symbols and narrative techniques used by writer basically it deals with the the complete framework of that answer.
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3)  Critical analysis
It is the very major important part of the answer writing it would include the all all analysis of the text according to your point of view and here you can free to write whatever you feel is critical it plays a major role in answer writing in English literature but you need to make sure you are writing and your language which you are using in your answer should be clear ear and outstanding.
For learning the new literary words everyday you can follow or you can make a time table and according to that time table you need to study and it is very important to learn daily new literary terms.
The more you use literary words in your writing the more you will get marks